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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » Why people dont get points on their birthdays.
Created: 2012-08-14 15:34:37
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Well its poped up in the suggestions box many times about getting points for a users birthday. Course most of us know the excuse, even 1 point on your birthday would cost this site hundreds because of all the members that have joined. Thats only one of the most prevalent reasons, another reason, kinda sorta made up imo..

If you talk about your bday in the shoutbox odds are a handful of people will be watching for that moment when midnight comes round and there's a lil :cake: next to your name. Then out come all the happy bdays, how old are you, congratulations, blah blah blah. (based entirely off my one time experience with this happening)
If, and only if the planets have lined in your favor, someone will send you a little bday gift. I personally got a dollar (100 points) each from tammyjewel and youngquis. There, the two of them covered that 1 point that P2S would have given to me, and gave a lil bonus on the side. I also wont forget our mod, hgm, that cent me a lucky penny, as well as stewiegriff for his 5 point donation.

Now just beacuse I was given something doesnt mean you will get the same results.

In simple terms P2S wont give you any points because the site would go bankrupt and thats loose-loose all around. If you have people around here whom you call friends then maybe they'll be generous and toss you a george washington. And always remember to say thank you after you receive your gift.
not sure if they have this or not yet but i think its a good idea since most int. users do benefit more from refs and this could just boost that part" "Some international members seem to be very good at referringDarkninja, Shelbinator

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