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Created: 2012-08-10 23:10:36
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So you have just signed up to Points2shop/Cashle and want to know how to earn Minecraft.
This post will explain to you how you can earn enough cash to get Minecraft for free.

Step 1: The facts
:light: Minecraft PC/Mac is available with points but you need to be Bronze+m hounor to order since it is Emailed. It costs 2700 Points
:light: You can get Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with Points. You need to order a shipped MSP card or a Emailed MSP card. Minecraft Microsoft Points - EU for 2500 Points & Minecraft Microsoft Points - US for 2000 Points

Step 2: Earn Points

Free Offers: You can earn a lot of cash by completing simple free offer. Click the link to view a list of available offers. IMPORTANT: Read the Beginners Tips before starting offers.

Refer your friends: You can get up to $1.50 per referral and 15% of their offer earnings! If you have friend that are willing to help you then have them join the site for you. IMPORTANT: They must sign up at their own homes!

Recurring Tasks: Recurring tasks are the ONLY external provider that pays out in cash, you can still complete other external providers and earn points for Amazon rewards though. On tasks you are basically given a task to complete such as verifying the accuracy of search results or finding business contact details and whatever else the advertisers want. These tasks can be a good way to earn easy cash since they payout per page you complete and each page can pay around 20 cents for over 10 pages! Tasks can be sometimes difficult but once you master a single or multiple tasks the cash will roll in!

More earning opportunities: You can all the different earning areas by click the link above or simple click "Earn Points" in the menu, there you will find many offer providers and videos. They are all good in their own way and you could earn a lot of points through them.

Download the P2S App: We have own our unique app that offers even more earnings opportunities including exclusive offer walls, many member have earned THOUSANDS of points in a single day, all for free! The App is available on most Android and iOS devices. You will even earn $0.25 when you install!

Step 3: Purchase Minecraft
Once you have earned enough Points you can purchase Minecraft. For the PC/Mac edition you will need to be Bronze honour, to get bronze simply order a cheap item from Low cost Rewards (US/CA) or (US/UK/CA). Alternatively if you are ordering to get Minecraft on Xbox 360 then you can order a Microsoft Points card that will be shipped to you.

Congratulations! You just learned how to get Minecraft for FREE
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This is a great post. I think a lot of people will love to see this.
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minecraft level= Genius
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Love to see this post as sticky, so that easy to post for member who join this site for minecraft.
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This is awesome. We should direct all the new members who want Minecraft to here.
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i think users can also buy minecraft on ebay so that would be another option in case they can use paypal or check =p
Raising money to get a new pc and a drawing tablet so i can make better drawings but i need help sharing the link... anyone want to help out?
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Thanks, now new users can understand
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i put this as a sticky because so many people ask about minecraft and this will help them alot mods feel free to un skicky if you want
This post has been deleted.
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Now made ​​it just how to do to activate minecraft to their minecraft account
2011-01-07 00:59:50

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