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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » weird:what is wrong with the road?
Created: 2012-07-27 02:43:58
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this is crazy or are they not driving right? xD also were that 2nd truck come from almost at the end of the vid?
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It's Winter. You're in Moscow, Russia. You and a thousand other Moscovites are barrelling down the Третье Транспортное Кольцо highway. You're tired, you've been working all day, and you want to get home. After miles and miles of tedious highway, weaving in and out of cars to speed up your commute, the Lefortovo Tunnel comes into sight in the bottom of your windshield, growing from a small black dot to a foreboding, gaping concrete cavern that fills your vision. It's known to the locals as The Tunnel of Death, but that doesn't deter you, and you plow on, into the darkness. It's a butt-numbing 3km long, and looking down at the solid white lane marking, it's clear you're not allowed to swap lanes - you're stuck behind the slowcoach in front. No matter, you think, I'll overtake just this once. What's the harm? ...But you forget that it's Winter, and the tunnel is beneath the Yauza River, which drip drip drips its water onto the road surface, creating a deceptively invisible thin sheen of icy doom...You're going too fast. You pull out...


A bright light.

Your mind flutters away from the crash and into the body of a delivery driver. He speeds into the tunnel, ignoring the sign that trucks should stick to the left lane. You speed along, hurtling down the middle lane, but that stupid car in front is too slow. You think, what's the harm, I'm in a hurry. You weave out, hoping to duck into the right lane, with all that lovely, vacant space ahead... but wait... you forgot to look in your mirror...and didn't notice the truck already in the right lane just beside you... You're hurtling towards one of the tunnel's service points, with electrical boxes, conduits and pipes built into a wall that juts out from the tunnel, making a narrow lane even narrower. There's no room for both of trucks. Did you notice the other truck? If you did, the half a second you have to grab the wheel and swerve to avoid a collision wouldn't be enough. Even those reviewing the collision footage after the crash will swear the other truck just materialised, like a phantom... The other driver puts his foot on the brake, pulling even more to the right to avoid a crash, but it's too late - you're both going too fast. The last thing the other driver sees looming up in his vision is the striped yellow and black warning on the concrete wall - he collides with it with such force to spin him around, flipping his truck over. He catches you in the side, lifting you off the ground and into the other lanes with tremendous force. Both you and he flip over. The trucks slide to a stop...the tires spin helplessly...The Tunnel of Death claims another victim.

A bright light.

Your mind flutters. You speed into the tunnel again...forever doomed to lose control of your vehicle and crash, all because you didn't slow down and stick to your damn lane.
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Wow that's worse than driving in Miami.

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