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Created: 2012-07-24 04:56:56
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After replying in the shout box for several minutes, I noticed many people were asking "Whats an easy way to get points?" or some similar question. It was hard to keep up, so I'll post the things I find the easiest to earn points at.

First and foremost; uSamp offers a variety of surveys, but they offer a section called Profiles. This section is small; however, it offers a nice amount of 200~300 points. This will help by removing some unwanted surveys (not 100% full proof.)

Another option is Daily Clicks and SOOP. Daily clicks gives you points for doing simple tasks that take very little time. SOOP works the same, but it gives you 5 points and 50 merits. Merits are used in teams, which through time (or through the shoutbox) you will learn about. Both SOOP and daily clicks can only be completed once every 24 hours.

Videos are always a simple option and when you first start out there are many videos to choose from! The rewards are small, but the quickly add up over time.

As you become accustomed to the website, you'll notice other offers which are easy to complete as well. Daily surveys are an awesome way to earn points. They have multiple surveys per each offer, so the likely-hood of having one succeed is high.

As a side note, There is NO easy way to earn points. Some offers are easier than others, but you should stick to offers that have been successfully completed by other members when starting out.

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