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Points2Shop Forums » Gaming » My Black Ops Montage.Can You Do Better?(Prize Reward)
Created: 2012-07-17 18:32:34
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Okay Im not sure if i can do this but im willing to give 1000 points to anyone who can make a better Black Ops Montage than mine or if u already have one send the link and ill check it out but u have to give proof that its u in the montage and u just didnt take someones montage.

Now i did this montage with 2 friends but if u cant do it with anyone ill just compare the clips to only mine. My GT at the time was MiketheMaster(Dont ask :p)then it went to xMTM and now its oMTM :p(ill change it to something better eventually).

Editing/Clip quality doesnt matter only the clips themselves matter.Any Takers?

Oh and if i cant do this then Please tell me :)
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Basically this is a contest which you'll need admin permission for before you can hold it. Send a ticket and ask if it's okay if you can run it first (you'll need to explain what it's about and how it works). After you have permission, include it in your post and let a moderator for forum mod know so your thread can be unlocked.

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