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Created: 2012-07-11 22:55:14
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I clicked on trialpay to do some offers and it says "Unfortunately you cannot access this offer wall because another account with similar demographic information visited this area before." I don't know what this means because I only have one account and I want to do some trialpay offers. Anyone know what this means?
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this happened to me too -_-
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Maybe they met their quota for your demographic, or you're possibly seeing that message in error.
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i get this reply to T,T.. can somebody help to tell us why this happen pls??
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In addition to you not being allowed to have more than one account yourself, this rule also applies to anyone living in your household that would share your same internet IP address and residential information. (Parents, siblings, spouses, etc...) If that doesn't apply either then yes, it may be some kind of error... If it continues and you find no reason why then you might want to consider contacting TrialPay support to see why your blocked.

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