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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » An emotional dream or nightmare?
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Created: 2012-07-10 16:29:33
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Has any one here, ever woke up from a dream laughing? Or has anyone woke up from a dream or nightmare crying?
I have, on both scenarios. Recently I had this terrible dream, where I shot a loved one on purpose. Something I would never ever do, to any one, I have never even seen a real gun before. The weirdest part is that they were telling me to do it with no fear of the consequences. Almost jokingly, taunting me. I shot him, After I did, I felt a rush of emotion and started crying and woke up crying. what do you guys think? I hope I never experience a Nightmare like that ever again.
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Thanks..I loved the video! Though it had nothing to do with the topic...
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YES! When I was preggo with my daughter, I used to have the most vivid dreams. One was so vivid I laughed so hard I rolled off the couch.
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This happened to me a couple months ago. A couple days ago i woke up cause in my dream i fell and i woke up like i fell off something.
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omg whatd u eat b4 sleeping lol
2010-08-16 18:42:20
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I rarely have nightmares, because I am getting older. That's because kids usually have nightmares... at least what the scientific studies said. There was only one nightmare that made me woke crying.
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A "dream" is a set of images, scenes, persons, places, and even objects that flashes in your mind in a certain order. It is formed when the person's brain starts to get active, in other words when you are almost about to wake up. There are even dreams that has happened although we don't really remember.Our mind just simply disregards these dreams, casing a night "without a dream"...

Yet it is triggered by any of your 5 senses... touch, smell, hearing, taste, and ESP...

I once dreamed of being followed by shadows then suddenly fell into a dark hole that seems to be endless... before reaching the bottom i woke up and suddenly fell of my bed... Haha!

That proves that senses are really connected to your dreams... :D
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Hazel, I hate to disagree, but on average a "dream" only lasts a few brief seconds, and occurs in the 3rd stage of the REM cycle, namely in the "deep sleep" phase.

Dreams are your subconciousness' method of resolving deep setted conflicts, absorbing information and learning. This is why infants sleep a LOT more than adults, and why students in particular tend to sleep an awful lot more than their non-schooled counterparts.

I do a *lot* of dream therapy, and while yes, senses are connected to your dreams, if you "feel" something in your dream, it's simply your mind projecting the current situation - hence why you "fell" in your dream before falling out of bed - it was an autonomous response purposely waking you in a methodical way so as to not send your body into shock when you hit the floor, as a sudden emergence from sleep *could* send your body into cardiac failure due to the reduced heart rate you experience during your sleep..


Latinxassassin, it's not that children have more nightmares than adults. In fact, adults dream just as often and in the same capacity as children, however the adult mind is more adept at dealing with stressful situations, and so we are less likely to remember them, or be affected by them.
This is mainly due to the adult mind being too pre-occupied with more important situations and events and tends to regard the nightmares as issues to be dealt with internally, so your brain blocks them from your memory, automatically resolving the internal conflict.

I could go on forever about this :p I should write a book :p
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