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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » bodily pains or something more?
Created: 2012-07-10 06:46:28
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Im sure many of us are jobless teens like myself. We come here to get some spending money, which some get and others sadly dont. We're all people, several of us are in our mid teen years and are experiencing a lot of things. One of those many "experiences" is growing pains, or "growth spurts".

Now I dunno if this is just regular growing pain, or if there could be an underlying cause. Lately my legs have been feeling like hell. I'll wake up feeling fine, then around 6pm is when my legs start feeling heavy. It gets worse and worse throughout the night. I cant begin to describe how hard it is to fall asleep. Then when I wake up, everything is a-ok...

I did a little lookin round online and I found this out.;=4303749

Now I have none of these, but I showed the article to mum.. She too dismissed it as growing pain, but when I was around 13 I had 2 "spurts" in 6 months. I was as tall as mum, my doc, couple of the school teachers.. If is another period of growth for me.... :facepalm: Guys I dont really wanna be a 6-footer, but if it means that over a heart attack I'll gladly take it.

More peoples opinions on this would be really nice.
not sure if they have this or not yet but i think its a good idea since most int. users do benefit more from refs and this could just boost that part" "Some international members seem to be very good at referringDarkninja, Shelbinator
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Yeah, my legs started hurting today out of nowhere, but its not unbearable, but I'm only 5'5", so maybe I'm also getting a spurt.

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