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Created: 2012-06-28 23:19:56
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Whenever i try to do surveyhead, i've gotten this -,- that's done that every time i've tried in the past 4 days.. Anyone else having the same issue??? :/
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yeahh same here .. :@
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Not seen this one, but I've done surveys before and got to the last question after around 30 minutes of answering them and it's told me "sorry you do not qualify"...Just got to watch out for old or dodgey surveys x
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Yeah, has happened for me for like a week, and its not just SurveyHead, also Router
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I'm getting the same as well. I wasnt able to complete it yesterday for that reason and today its the same thing. Many others are experiencing this too though. It probably has run out of surveys to go around for now. They'll likely have more surveys added in a few days.
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same pal
2011-01-23 17:45:51

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