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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » Me defending Points2Shop. Awesome!
Created: 2012-06-25 04:58:11
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Check out this convo I had with a member ((IT WONT LET ME POST THE NAME!!!)) inbox me if you want to know so you dont try it

Do Not join there site, you'll understand why.
CRDean is my account

CRDean: I join these sites all the time just to test them. So far P2S has been the only one I've found legit.
6/25/12 12:45 AM

jul5988: p2s has a 35 dollar minimum payout, which is terrible
US - 6/25/12 12:45 AM

jul5988: and they don't allow cash/point conversion, which is also terrible
US - 6/25/12 12:49 AM

CRDean: yes they do LOL You can convert Cash to points and there minimum is $1 to paypal INSTANTLY
US - 6/25/12 12:52 AM

CRDean: 2 weeks and no cashout is whats terrible, then doing about 6 offers like I have is also terrible when they still have yet to credit. I'm glad if you're doing good here, but dont try to compare it to older and better GPT sites

Dude had nothing else to say, most members saying they waited over 2 weeks and still no cashout delivered. So if you are looking somewhere else other than P2S dont go there!


They decided to come back at me LOL

Jakob991: @CRDean - ur dumb
US - 6/25/12 1:02 AM
CRDean: @Jakob991 - how do you figure that?
US - 6/25/12 1:04 AM
Jakob991: @CRDean - L"
6/25/12 1:04 AM
Jakob991: cxxzza
US - 6/25/12 1:04 AM
CRDean: @Jakob991 - dont tell me you're as naive as the other guy actually thinking this site is better? Or think you know what you're talking about when it comes to GPT sites?
US - 6/25/12 1:05 AM
Jakob991: @CRDean - p do
US - 6/25/12 1:05 AM
CRDean: Sure, I'll bust my nuts trying to get a dollar or two just so I can wait weeks to get that dollar or two. No WAIT, how about I get a dollar in like 20 minutes, then get it as soon as I hit the cashout button.
CRDean: Like I said before, I'm happy for anyone here doing well. I come to these others sites just to test them out. You don't like my opinion, or money apparently, thats fine.
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Most of the people who don't do well simply don't put any effort into it. I think they expect to do the bare minimum and get compensated really well for it. This is a great site if you're creative.

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