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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » Points2shop Surveys RUINED! DESTROYED! DISSAPEARED!
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Created: 2012-06-23 12:56:13
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I hardly earn anything anymore, i have to buy things with my real money to get points/cash (trialpay).. :/
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that might be because your a US member and he clearly states fro UK

I don't have much of a problem really.Stewfan14

anyway yes i totally agree with this.2 daily surveys you added to our list also vanished dont forget.1 for 50 points called research project #4 and 1 called moon uk or something for 100 longer available and yes as you can see sampilicios has been completed something like 17 times in what about 4-5 days?say thats 3 approved a day out of thousands trying it? having a horrible time on here for earning and im tired of the pr surveys also i complete them but they never credit me.i see they credit some others but never me for some reason.also opinion and guy2c no longer work in chrome they also have become ff only so that means more or less u cant take a daily in chrome thats rubbish many things happening...
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This has happened to me since I joined. Plus PeanutLabs I finish and confirm as complete but never come through
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What about refferals? Its an alternative till admins resolve the surveys/offers issue for uk :) ...about a year ago or so when I never qualfied for any surveys and didnt make much from offers I decided to try to get some refferals on some chatting site loll ... It worked very easy cash
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I guess it's nice to know at least that I'm not the only one this is happening to, for the past month now I've had very rare uSamp surveys, absolutely no PeanutLabs video offers and a distinct lack of video offers everywhere else. Not to mention that both Opinion Surveys and GiveUsYour2Cents both lead me to the Toluna homepage, making them both impossible to complete.
2010-05-03 13:56:35
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I completely agree aswell, some days there is basically nothing for me to do except from video offers, soop and helper system...
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Keep in mind that US users also experience a somewhat similar problem. However, I am not.
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Here in Canada it's worse. There are days when there are no surveys to complete in external, usam, ssi, survey head, opinion, peanutlabs. just everything.

And yeah SSI is broken. I always seem to get an SSI Verify message and it is making this everyday...

P2S is not going in the right track for surveys...
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There are multiple things at play here.

  • First of all, Opinion Surveys changed to a new technical tracking platform and have issues ever since. We are working closely with them to fix the issues, but there is very little we can do to correct the issues, it's 100% on their end.
* There was a tracking issue a while ago, also caused by their tracking platform change. We have manually imported the leads, however, some providers that use their technology didn't make the reports available. This could result in a few missing credits (GiveUsYour2Cents is a good example, although I do see some leads coming in again). We're doing all we can in trying to get these providers to get their ducks in a row and provide us with the lead reports for manual import.
  • Some providers depend on the infrastructure and/or survey inventory of Opinion Surveys. Those simply have the same issues as Opinion Surveys.
* Summer months are known for lower survey inventory, especially July and August. This could be the reason why some of the routers currently run lower survey inventory, like Surveyhead and the uSamp panel.
  • The decrease of payout on Opinion Surveys is something out of our control. They had too many people completing their surveys, and too low survey inventory. Now with the summer kicking in, it appears as if people get kicked out right away because of too low survey inventory. They lowered the payout so they would get less survey takers for their surveys, which appears to be the case based on some of you guys feedback (giving up on the surveys).
* I'm not sure what other 50 points daily survey you refer to as being gone and the 60 points offer that never approves, but the fact that Opinion Surveys is no longer at Trialpay is because it doesn't track well for them anymore. They have the same issues as we did. It should come back over time.
  • I'm going to follow up with SSI and see if we can track down your issue to see if it's something just for you, or for more users. If they banned you there's little we can do though.
There's good and bad news here. The good news is that this is likely to be a temporary issue. I'm going to be honest: This is not something that will be fixed over night, and the summer months in general might stay a little slower, for all countries, but I'm confident things will improve.

Also, P2S had a lot of success lately in getting additional survey inventory. We have conversations with a lot of companies and I feel we should be able to increase our available survey inventory immensely the next few months (you might have noticed a significant increase in direct surveys already). Europe is becoming an increasingly important market for Marketing Research Companies, and it is my believe that survey inventory for UK should slowly increase over time.

Last but not least, I completely agree the current situation is unacceptable, especially with Opinion Surveys, and we're doing all we can to ensure our partners will fix their issues.
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hi matt.

what about surveyhead and router disqualifying me before i can do a survey.

is there any news on that issue please?
2011-01-23 17:45:51

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