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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » Points2shop song - contest!
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Created: 2012-06-12 15:30:30
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DDX I forgot. Does it have to be in english?
If so I'll remake it.genomesoldier

It probably does have to be in English since most member speak only English.
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I think everyone agrees with me that Darkninja should make a song :)
This post has been deleted.
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hahaha this are pretty cool videos i might give it a shot
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This is a cool contest!!!
But I can't sing so I'm out lol
stay strong
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Finally stopped procrastinating
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i thought it was good i noticed a tons of proof pics i never even seen O_O

audio could of been a bit better? D:
Raising money to get a new pc and a drawing tablet so i can make better drawings but i need help sharing the link... anyone want to help out?
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lmaoyours was really entertainingAbbyAW

hehe thank you (:
2010-05-08 20:46:46
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well they all made me laugh but a couple for the wrong reasons lol some people really CANT but if there had to be a winner from the entries so far the winner would be forthecards as his video made me roll. its the chorus points2shoppppp is the place to beeeeeeeeeee points2shopppppp is where you get things for freeeeeeeeeee lmao
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Here is my entry to the contest, im not a rapper and i dont really like my voice but I just had to make this is was so much fun!KMCGamer

Your video is awesome.When heard the music i remember the time when i used to play the game.Good luck, I know you dont need it Coz your gonna win it YAY :)

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