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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » Idiosyncrasies
Created: 2012-06-10 00:54:20
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If you don't know, an idiosyncrasy is something eccentric or weird that a person does. For example, this is totally random and weird, but whenever I change the volume on any of my devices, the number always has to end in a 5 or 0, or I'll feel very uncomfortable. Little things like these are pretty funny or weird if you share them, so what are some of yours?
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when i close my room door, i'll keep getting up to make sure the door is locked so ghosts and monsters wont come in :p and im not saying that as a joke either :fat:
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I use Points2shop
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If there's a spider sling(baby) crawling on me,which always happens, I do not kill it. I simply pick it up and let it loose in some grass.

And for the adult spiders who walk about my house freely without paying rent, I capture them, decide if they're worth keeping or not, then either 1.) keep them as a pet or 2.) release them in my backyard.
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I constantly inventory my surroundings. Count ceiling tiles, floor tiles in a room. How many pens someone keeps in the cup on their desk. Just to know for later...
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Mine are similar to earplug's - Only my volume, brightness, or other adjustments has to end in the number 3. I hate even numbers.
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Damn, I always thought I was obsessive compulsive because of these things xD Since I can remember I always had a lot of idiosyncrasies, amongst them doing things a specific number of times (3 and 7) and deliberately treading on manholes.
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I always try to remember things about someone, like their licence plate (in case they commit crimes, duhh)

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