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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Alternatives to the removeal of tickets for offences in the Free stuff forum
Created: 2012-05-27 15:42:09
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The idea of this thread is to come up with better ways of managing the Free stuff forum other than penalising mebmers by removeing two tickets.

Sometimes members make genuine mistakes

Sometimes members are new and rush in excitedly without reading everything (We have all done it somewhere)

Sometimes a mistake is made tickets are removed and then cant be replaced.

Now that the reposting length for freebies has been extended to 3 months it will be easier to miss previously posted freebies and therefore end up being penalised.

Ok my first suggestion is fairly simple

Delay the award of a ticket when a freebie thread is made. So it could take 1 week or 48 hours before you get your ticket. Have an auto generated PM that says something like "Thanks for posting in the Freebie forum. Your post will be reviewed and if succesful you will be awarded a ticket. Please refer to the folowing threads to see how to post a succesful freebie". Mods and members who use the Free stuff forum then have time to spot double posts. Members can alert Mods to double posts poor quality posts etc. The member then gets another auto generated PM when a ticket is approved or denied. The PM that arrives when a ticket is denied will state the reason i.e. double post, poor quality etc.

I think that works just as well as removeing two tickets. People will still check that posts have not been made before but wont get so annoyed if they make a mistake and dont get allocated a ticket. Lazy posters will give up when they never get a ticket or they will start checking.

Any other suggestion or improvements on my idea?
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This would be fairly complex to add. I also foresee quite a few people who would complain about the delay of tickets... Especially when reviewing the posts would be a manual job.

Issues with the deals is something that comes up frequently so I think we still have to address the issues sometime, but there is always another more important thing to work on :(

Thanks for the feedback though!

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