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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » Turning my PS3 into a PC?
Created: 2012-05-18 19:31:01
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I had an idea about taking parts from my PS3, like the graphics card, processor and perhaps the harddrive and using them to build a PC because I'd like to create a gaming PC but I don't have much money to be able to. So would this actually work? And what extra stuff would I need to add?
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If you wanna spend alooooooooooooooooot, I mean alot.. of time, then you could. But good luck.
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If that were even possible, I'm afraid that would actually make a pretty weak gaming PC. The PS3 in itself is extremely impressive, but I spent nearly $300 on my video card and there are still some games I can't max. If PS3 hardware could handle PC games, the settings would all have to be pretty low.
I don't know if this project would be possible or how much it would cost, but I assume it would be cheaper to just buy or build a low-end gaming PC.

I'm possibly the biggest PS3 fanboy there is so don't think I'm bashing it. :p
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The xbox360 components can't be used in a console, they are specific to the console and can only be used in it... I would say the PS3 is the same.
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Good luck with, im sure you can take all the hardware and jam it into a cpu like structure and convert the hdmi output to a vga so you can essentially play ps3 games as if it was a pc
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pretty much the only OS you would be able to run on it would be Yellow Dog Linux (PDF LINKY), not many blockbuster games are available for linux :(
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Is that even possible? I'd just stick to one or the other
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It's possible, but would probs end up costing alot more than a PC in a store :0

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