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Created: 2012-05-15 04:40:11
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(Just as an aside - I'm wondering if there is a way to have some important information as like mandatory reading material before using the shout or as a popup for new members on some basics so that the shout isn't flooded with new members asking again and again what to do and things like that.)

For all new members who have questions, here are some of my tips and responses to things I see a lot in the shoutbox.

1. I suggest switching to - Points2Shop gives a great signup bonus but on Cashle you will earn cash as well as points (you will earn cash for all those offers that will give cash - not all offers will) and later you can even convert the cash to points (while you can never convert the points to cash).

2. This offer should be your first one ( - it's a video that shows how Points2Shop/Cashle works.

3. How do you level up? - the requirements for each level are written here. And you might not level up instantly even though you completed all requirements since it's done once an hour at 25 minutes past so just be a little patient.

4. What are tickets, merits, and sweepstakes? Tickets are for the weekly lottery drawn Wednesday. You can see your tickets here. Merits are used in teams. You can look for more information but trust me, you will find out about it by the time you have enough for them to be worthwhile. You need a few thousand before you'll want to join a team. Sweepstakes are automatically entered for you.

5. For the big question of which offers are the best to do? I'll give you a rundown of the different types.
On the offers page you will see an overview and that is where you will go to find offer categories. For now I'll give you links.
Usamp - fill out your profile (make sure to use accurate information) and that will give you an automatic 100 points. Your profiles will then give you a few hundred points when you fill them all out and then there should be surveys every day there (if you are from US). Quick, easy and lots of points there.
Daily Surveys - do these once a day. They are simple surveys that give a lot of points. Only make as completed once you successfully complete a survey.
Peanut Labs - fill out the survey profile and then there will be surveys periodically.
Vidoes and More Vidoes - they don't often have videos but when they do, just watch them for an easy few points.
Recurring Tasks - These pay out in cash. They don't have many tasks but they put up new ones daily at around 6:45pm EST so if you can catch them as they get put up, you can make up to a few dollars and it's easy work.
If you have a debit or credit card I would suggest the trial offers at Trialpay - they give a lot of points and you can cancel the trial before the it's over and you won't get charged.
Daily Clicks - these can be done every day. They are really easy to do.

I would say to avoid download offers because they might have viruses but if you want to try them, make sure you have a great anti-virus in place.

Good luck!

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