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Created: 2012-05-10 05:01:00
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Tournament event: King of Warriors
Hold: Daily/Twice a week/Weekly at 20.00 - 21.00 PST time *)

  • depend on interest of participant or players
  • arena can be more than one, example for high level and low level players.
1. One square for arena of fight, example coordinate 8x5 or 5x1.
2. After 20.00, if player entered the arena, he cannot quit arena until win or defeated. After 20.10 players outside arena cannot enter.
3. After 20.15, players in the arena can start attack others player without level restrictions.
4. If a player is defeated THREE times, he lost the game and forced quit arena by transported to random square. Defeated players cannot enter the arena square again until tournament finished.
5. The last (only one) player stand in the arena is a winner.
6. If time out (21.00), and more than one player in the arena, there is no winner.
7. After each fight, health always recovered instantly to 95%, no matter win or loose.

1. Crown of the King, an excellent item (helm) that give + 10 for all attributes and gold.
2. Crown of the King will be disappeared from the player five minutes before next tournament, no matter he enters arena or not. Reward can be gained again by winning the next tournament.
3. Name of the winner listed in the leaderboard page.
4. Player get a lot of experience for defeating others.

1. Game interface must display PST time.
2010-12-02 03:04:31
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whats the point? game is reset every week -.-
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For daily tournament, the reward will be very useful for accelerating to get a lot of might or experience on the following day.
2010-12-02 03:04:31

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