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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Limbo and lotto change up
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Created: 2012-04-29 12:20:24
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I can see both sides about the lotto,

but I would really like to be able to buy lotto (or some type of game thats not limbo) tickets

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If you are against from same winning numbers.. choose them from now onwards :p
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honestly i dont like the idea either way this has been brought up many and many times kinda annoying now and nothing gets done either way why bother? the winners dont want it changed either way cuz they like winning of course

anyway both lotto and limbo need a serious change if not remove them <.<
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If you are against from same winning numbers.. choose them from now onwardsSpicin

The issue with that is that the winning member can afford to pick those numbers everyday (Some member have won over 70,000 points JUST from limbo) the other member trying to choose the numbers would just end losing a lot of points.

Limbo NEEDS to be changed, its is no longer a game of fair chance, it is being dictated by the same elite group of limbo players day and day. Think about it, if just 10 members chose the numbers 1-50 everyday (if they work together which I think some are) then they are pretty much guaranteed to win every day or two.
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Why not have it by "Skill" or I guess Win level, since it takes little skill like the other games. Then the people who are always winning are just competing against themselves and it gives more people the chance to win something even if it is less.
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Why has nothing ever been done to make the game better, this has been brought up enough times, we need a change in the game now. So many great suggestions, yet they are not paid attention...

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