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Points2Shop Forums » Discussion » Free T-Shirt for diamond members (and higher)
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Created: 2012-04-27 19:32:41
US admin
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The P2S t-shirt for diamond members (and higher) is ready (FINALLY)!! :-) This is me wearing it:

Before we can send you the t-shirt we need to know your size! Please head to the edit demographics area and choose your t-shirt size. Once you have chosen the right size we will send you the t-shirt automatically.

We're NOT yet sure if we gonna add a female t-shirt as well (same design, just female fit). We have asked for a quote on that too so we'll let you know in a few days. We're not sure if the sizes will be different, so if you're female you might want to wait a few days before choosing the right size. :-)

update: some lower levels got the t-shirt as well based on some individual accomplishments, like bringing in a very high amount of referrals.
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looks awsome i want 1
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Totally gonna wear this to school :p It looks legit
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Good to hear. :) I'll be waiting to edit mine then. Hope to hear an update soon when you guys know about the female shirts. I'll keep an eye on this thread. Or a site wide message might be better? :p Not everyone reads the forums.
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only about $70 until i can get one it better be worth it lol
UK elite
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only $594 and i can get one, i hope to get there before 12 months now
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already done and waiting lol looks good :)
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this shirt looks sweet cant wait till i become diamond :D
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I have a long way to go :/ lol
PH new
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iWish that i am diamond >.< too hard in philippines to have a points T-T

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