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Points2Shop Forums » Gaming » Rumor: Apple Game Console In 2012
Created: 2012-04-18 19:38:49
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Apple could be creating its own game console for this year if a recent rumor is correct.

Website says that its sources say that Apple plans to release its own TV set in 2012 with "an iTunes-integrated touchscreen remote and Siri-like voice command technology." This TV will also come with a video-game console whose interface relies on touch and Kinect-like motion controls.

Whether this has anything to do with Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent visit to Valve, Steam on this Apple console, or if it's related to Valve's own console dreams is unknown.
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I hope they do!!!
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not a fan of them TBH
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i hope they dont, there would really be no point....
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I heard they were partnering up with Steam, a big PC gaming company. And they will try to integrate steam into apple tv.
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That would be cool, It'd be interesting to see what they do.

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