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Created: 2012-04-15 05:29:32
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So i decided to do a guide on one of the easiest offers here. You can get 1000 points from this if you get double payout! This offer is called (by FujiFilm)

Today i wont actually be ordering :) So thats why im not using my actual info, also since ill be taking screenshots and i dont want people to have my info xD When actually completing the offer use all legit info ;)

Step 1

Click on visit offer :)

Then you should get redirected to this site, click on "sign up now"

Step 2

Create an account using real information :)

Then click on My photos and get ready to upload a photo!

Step 3

Click "create album", upload a photo ( or more if you want to), then click on purchase options, Create prints and posters.

Step 4

Select your photo to be made into a print or poster. You're going to see tons of options to choose from, but if you're like me and are mainly on the site for the points, ill show the minimum requirements. Add the 4x5.3 print size to 1 if you only have 1 photo like me, and make sure Matte From $0.10 (In-Store Pick-Up Available) is selected. Click on order now :)

Step 5

This is probably the most important step! You're almost done! Make sure to click pick up at a store :) This eliminates shipping cost ( which isnt even that high ) and makes the print only 13 cents! With tax for me, it turns out to be 14 cents.

Final Step

After putting in your zip code and finding a local walmart, Just fill out the payment info page! You could pay with either paypal or your cc. Im showing the final payment page. ( No thank you page because like i said, i wasnt ordering this time :) ). Then just mark the offer as complete

In about an hour it should approve. This is a really easy offer, all you need is some spare change on paypal and you're set. Hope you guys like my guide :D
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Definitely a very nice return on investment this one :)

Thanks for posting!
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This is a really cool offer im gonna try it now :)
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this is awesome, ill have to try it when i wake up!

2010-08-18 14:14:04
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just completed it. i hope it works. Thanks! it was really easy to do!

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