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Created: 2012-03-28 23:47:22
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Can someone help me. i have been doing the Usamp surveys and everytime i finished it says congratulations and that my rewards will show in my My points section in 2-6 weeks... does anybody else get that? and is it legit? i don't want to keep doing these surveys if they are not going to reward me my points. sometime it will show automatically but other times it says i have to wait 2-6 weeks but i kind of don't believe it. please help me!
2010-09-23 21:45:04
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I'm having the same problem as you :(
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You aren't alone.
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same problems to be also!! >.< i want my 10 points!! lol
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Before yesterday Usamp was paying out within minutes at most. Apparently it hasn't been paying out for a lot people, me included. Think there's some kind of hold up with them, but they have payed out before this.
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Am I spamming?
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it would show for me
but most of the times it would do it in seconds
other times in a few minutes
but never days for me
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Weird, I haven't been experiencing this. Heck, I've received over 200 points in USAmp surveys today.
2010-12-04 00:15:12
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It is because it was just for like 2 days I believe, and the admins have fixed it now.

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