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Created: 2012-03-18 23:26:57
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Again I found another offer with a poor rate and I also know why, so I am going to step you through this one.

1. Clear Browser cookies and Cache.
2. Open P2S
3. Login
4. navigate to offer in this area:

The offer will look similar to this:

5. Open offer:

6. Youll come to a landing page looking similar to this which will automatically start the download for you. (you may need to start it manually if you have your browser setup differently/use a different browser)

7. Once it downloads, start the install and follow the corresponding images very closely (this is where credit gets lost most of the time)

8. Open File, Click Run

9. Click Next

10. Now, this is where people just click click click and dont look it over, this is where credit gets lost and people get viruses. Check everything but what I have left in the image below. This will lower the amount of viruses you can get as well as get you credited. I mainly use Google chrome for my offers, Firefox for my important purchases and surfing, and IE is my guinea pig. So I isntall everything on there. (please do not use IE for offers, if you cannot get offers to credit, stop using IE)

11. Click that you agree and click next. There is just a bit more after this so keep reading.

12. Now it will install fully and present you that it is finished. But WAIT! DO NOT CLICK FINISH! This is where credit is lost EVERY TIME!


14. After that, click finish and then just hit ok.

15. At this point a page will be opened thanking you for your installation and everything. Leave this page open until the offer credits.

I hope this helps anyone having trouble with this and other offers, if you cannot get an offer to credit, please send me a message and I will attempt it myself and post a TUT on it.
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Very interesting post! I hope many members will take a look at it! :)
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very good advice
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i did the same thing you did. every step . but didn't get credit
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Aw. I restarted my browser. :(

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