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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » How many points do you make a day
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Created: 2012-02-08 01:54:28
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How many points and cash do you make a day
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at least 30 cents
2010-01-24 22:54:13
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around 100 points, 50 cash
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Bh481,Please don't post Duplicate Topics,as the crowd the Forums with uncessary things.Most days,I hardly make anything at all,& I work VERY hard.I guess that I average about 100 points a day,if that.
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10 points and 0.02 cash!!!!!!
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Wow, I thought I was slow.
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maybe 10 points.... 0.2 cash.. coz i live in my no offers here
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all depends on the day, some days I only make 10-20 points some days i make way more
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Well since signing up the two days ago I've earned 1700 points already. I am guessing it will slow down once I get a lot of the offers out of the way in the beginning.

Already getting into recurring tasks. They seem like decent earners.
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i earn around 100- 500 point s aday, it varies.. i play games a lot so depends if theres someone good playing them :L

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