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Created: 2012-02-04 20:46:14
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First off I did not come up with this I just found it on another site and no I will not give out that sites link because its another gpt site.
Here is some of what I found very helpful in qualifying for Surveys here at Points2Shop.
Everything that you need to know about this is here all you have to do is READ!!

Pre-qualification Questions

Typically, the first part of a survey is the pre-qualification stage. This portion of the study will ask questions such as your age, gender, race, and place of residence. Depending on the required demographics of the study, some participants may be disqualified after completing this portion. For example, if the required demographic is Hispanic males, aged 18-25, living in Washington, DC; only participants that meet this criteria will be qualified to continue the survey.

Another type of pre-qualification question may ask you to indicate survey topics that you have participated in within the past month. If you indicate that you have recently participated in a study on a particular topic, you may be disqualified. Possible reasons for disqualification may be: 1. If you are registered with more than one site, and may have already participated in the study. 2. You may be disqualified to prevent confidential product information from being compromised.

Qualification Questions

The next part of a typical study is the qualification stage. This portion of the study narrows down those who pre-qualify to a more targeted group of respondents. Let's say that you've met the demographic criteria of the example mentioned earlier. The next set of questions is to narrow down that demographic to a specific group of people. For example, this study may only target Hispanic males, aged 18-25, living in Washington, DC, that use public transportation. Only the participants within this group will qualify to complete the study.

The qualification portion is the most important part of the study for participants. Your answers here will determine if you qualify to complete the entire study. In some instances, you will just not qualify for the survey. But, in some instances, you can disqualify yourself from the study by incorrectly answering the qualification questions. As research organizations strategically develop survey questions, you should strategically answers these questions. In the following examples, we will look at some sample survey topics and qualification questions for the different types of surveys that we mentioned earlier.

Topic: A new alcoholic beverage that will soon be on the market. You may asked the following qualification question: Have you consumed an alcoholic beverage in the past 12 months? This study is looking for respondents that consume alcohol. If you answer no, you may be disqualified. If you do not drink alcohol, you can not give your opinion of the new alcoholic beverage. (Tip: You should answer yes, even if you only consume alcohol on special occasions.) Answering yes will qualify you to continue with the study.
Topic: A healthcare service. A qualification question may ask if you would consider using the internet for health related activities. This study is looking for respondents to give opinions of an online healthcare service. If you indicate that you would not use the internet for health related activities, you will be disqualified. Your answer indicates that you have no interest in the topic. (Tip: A willingness to try something different, often qualifies you to complete the session.)
Topic: A health condition. These are the most difficult surveys for panelist to qualify to complete. One sample question will provide a long list of health conditions, and ask if you have ever suffered from, or been diagnosed with any of the conditions. This study is looking for respondents that suffer from particular health condition(s). You may not qualify for the survey if you do not click on any of the conditions. In addition, you may not qualify if you do not click on the condition(s) that will be discussed. (Tip: Click on as many health conditions as apply to you, even if you have not suffered from a particular condition in a long time. Keep in mind that the question asks if you have ever suffered from any of the health conditions.
Topic: A new DVD release. A qualification question may ask you to indicate the last time you purchased a new DVD. You are given the options of clicking 1 month; 3 month; 6 months; and 12 months. This question is asked to determine if you purchase DVD's on a regular basis. If you click 6 or 12 months, you may be disqualified from the study. This answer indicates that you do not purchase DVD's on a regular basis. Clicking the 1 month or 3 month options will likely qualify you to continue the study. (Tip: When answering questions that give you a range of options to select, it is best to stay within the middle.)

Elimination Questions

Topic: A skin care product. An elimination question for this type of study may be: Which of these products would you never consider using? It will give you a list of products and ask you to click the ones that you will not use. If you indicate that you will never use a product, you will be disqualified. The study will ask you to compare similar products to determine if you prefer one product over another. (Tip: Flexibility is the most important characteristic of a panelist. You will likely qualify for more surveys if you remember to "never say never.")
Topic: An upcoming presidential election. You may be asked the following elimination question: Have you made up your mind about which presidential candidate you will vote for? This survey is to determine if you will change your vote after learning more about the candidates. If you indicate that you have decided on a candidate, you may be disqualified. It would serve no purpose for you to continue the study. (Tip: Open mindedness will open the door to more survey invitations.)

I take no Credit for this Info.
Have fun and make money/Points
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Interesting.. Although I think most of us do much of this without realizing it, because I know I have a few times.
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It might help to understand why unfortunately not everyone is selected everytime.... :)
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thnx for the tips bro ;)
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Wow nice to see this topic help me to get more offer and more points. I was worried about couse i dont have any offer or somethin to do to get points. One question to all maybe its not a place for this but have similar with offers. I get dailly offer and stuffs or only if avaible? sry for my bad spelling not good english talker. :)
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thanks for help
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Very good :)
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I strongly recommend downloading the points2shop app. Lots of opportunities to earn extra points.
Every great referrer on this website finds their "own" niche. What niche will you have?

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