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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » Ronald isnt very nice!
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Created: 2012-01-27 02:21:41
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Boycott McDonalds

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lol i think the real reason to boycott mcdonalds is the fact that they profit off of obesity all over america
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but but but he gives toys and all
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I boycotted Mcdonalds before I saw this lol.
2011-01-30 02:03:55
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Am I spamming?
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It was on comedy central, its probably just something funny, i doubt its real. But still m d's isnt good for people.
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lol he would
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i love mcdonald he gives free toys :D
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it made me laugh, now I'm going to buy a BigMac
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This was dave chapelle dressed as ronald mcdonald on his show on comedy central some years ago now.
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You DO know that this isn't the REAL Ronald McDonald,right?!

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