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Created: 2012-01-23 12:56:42
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I think they should add more trading cards like eye of judgement and digimon digibattle and cardfight vanguard to the site. Also they should give you 365 points on your birthday as well as add them to the spin2win. They should also add some more videos and dvds. They should add the sonic x bendables, 20th anniversary toys and the sonic figures that came with a piece of the robot. Its been ages since I've seen those sonic figures(The ones with the robot pieces). What prizes would you guys like to see?
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The problem with this is the rewards are from Amazon so if it is not sold on there points 2 shop cant get them
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i like the 355 points ideabut here are like a millon users and at least like 3 users have the same birtday how would p2s be able 2 give out t least 500 points everyday think bout it
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Like mentioned, P2S does not set the items sold in the Reward Gallery. What's shown is items directly from Amazon itself. If it's on Amazon, you should find it here as well. No need for suggestions on products like that.

You already get a bonus on your birthday which is 365 merits. I know when the birthdays used to appear at the bottom of the forums, there was at least 50 members listed per day. That doesn't include the members that have their demographics hidden.

Points used to be on the Spin2win but they removed that prize from it because there were too many complaints it was fake when members didn't receive it. We now have the Sweepstakes entries available for US members in its place.
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What if p2s lets us order from any site we want as long as we provide the link and the points necessary?
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What if p2s lets us order from any site we want as long as we provide the link and the points necessary?BunnyBuner

You can withdraw to paypal and order from other sites

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