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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » I hate snow.....
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Created: 2012-01-18 12:08:07
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All this snow, my niece and nephew are the only ones that are happy to see it.

That little silver thing in the top-right of the picture? That's our poor Wifi antenna :(

And it's still supposed to be snowing for at least 6 more hours, so we'll likely end up with 6+ inches if it does.

How are things elsewhere :o
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very cold here in the UK but no signs of snow Thank God i hate it
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Oh goodness! That looks like what we had here in New England last winter, so far this year we have only had a grand total of 3 inches of snow, but I have a feeling we are gonna get buried soon!
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Well we just got 4-7 CM of snow to support the snow that fell around a week ago, and we'll have more, I love snow.
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im guessing there was no school that day
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Cold as all get out here in OH, It's only snowed twice with small flurries really, but yeah, I can feel it on it's way!
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omg i wish it would snow here in virginia we havent had a snow day yet
2010-08-16 18:42:20
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NY finally got hit earlier in the week, and its been up and down it's all ice, which i hate more than snow. Ready for spring!
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I wish it would snow for just one day here. It never snows where I live.
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I would feel for you but I am out here in colorado so deal with it :p

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