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Created: 2011-11-06 15:44:41
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myself shin,i am very feeling very good being part of this community...Can some1 please explain me how recurring task

work..i want full detail about this..A quick reply is to be greatly appreciated..
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First off; welcome.
Secondly, recurring tasks are exactly what it sounds like. Tasks that you can continue to do, they are usually pretty simple or something like signing up for a discover card.
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Welcome !! :p Check The Start Guide Click it

Enjoy ur Stay!!!!!!!!
Hello, I'm Sirdavids and I'm a volunteer member at Points2Shop. I'm ready to help you start earning with P2S! Check out my profile to see what I earned.
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thanks guys..but There is a time when you cannot do a task... its shows this
'Sorry - you cannot work on this task

The author of this task has flagged your work as being unsatisfactory. If you believe your work was wrongly flagged please contact us using the "Send Feedback" link in the upper right hand corner.'

what does this mean ??
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Welcome to points2shop my friend!
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Thanks jadassaf
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welcome to points2shop
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Welcome to points2shop !
Good luck making points ! :D
2010-02-04 14:26:11

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