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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » exchange your merits for points!!
Created: 2011-11-02 13:59:37
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hey, i think it would be sooooo nice if we could sell our merits to someone, in exchange of points. And i dont see any problems it could cause..i mean, it dosent cost anything from p2s since its someone's points. anyway, i hope it would be allowed soon!..or atleast one day..
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Never will happen , who would buy merits , your suppose to earn merits not buy them
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Exactly. Why would you buy merits from someone for a CHANCE to win a competition with them? It doesn't make sense. Just keep your points, and earn merits for free with no cost but putting in some effort into the site. (r) Then the competitions would just be about who can spend the most points on merits instead of who actually earns them, if someone was actually going to waste their earned points on buying merits.
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yeah but i still think it would be nice if we had this option!! because a lot of people dosent even join any in thoses case...what the hell you want them to do with they're merits? so selling them will atleast give them a reason to have merits! even if its only like..1point for 10merits..

or atleast if they're where other stuff we can do with merits then dont know..maybe being able to use merits to gambles in games...would not cost anything to p2s since its people's merits..
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Isn't this process you suggest called Team competitions?
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I don't think this is a good ideea , sorry mate
2010-02-04 14:26:11
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i wouldnt sell my merits

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