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Created: 2011-10-29 21:01:22
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Now the Halloween is coming up,i would like you guys opinion about Ghosts,

so are they

Real or fake?
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I wanted to be as quick as I could in answering (37 seconds, baby) with a great big, bold "FAKE." and leave that to be my final word, but I think it might deserve some reasoning, lest my comment be thumbs downed to all heck for being closed-minded.

Reason: There's no credible evidence of ghosts, only exagerrated narratives, misidentified happenings, blurry (and occasionally doctored) video footage and photos, pareidolia, a general fear of spooky things, and a readiness to accept something out of the norm as proof of supernatural occurrences, no matter how mundane. Oh, and Occam's Razor.
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Hmm , watch blametruths video about these scary pokemon paranormal activity , i actually believe something is happening to him , like all the stuff hes been saying is true
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*looks up BlameTruth*

Oh, I see. Another "Haunted Majory's Mask/Ben Drowned" Youtubey-story-thing.

Edit: You might also like the Pokemon Black creepypasta, since it ticks all the same boxes - creepy Pokemon cart, connotations of death, spooky Lavender Town music... But as for believing BlameTruth's obvious fiction as truth, I really don't know what to say...
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I think there pretty nice mmkay
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I love p2s much
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I believe in ghosts, but that's just me. One time when I was younger me and my friend were playing with an Ouija board and doing seances. I asked for my old dog to come back and I swear something scratched at my door and I heard a whimper. I opened the door and nothing was there. It was kind of freaky.
2010-03-27 15:31:22
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of course ghosts are real did anyone here watch the 6 hour live marathon of ghost hunters searching the pen state asylum which is rumored to be the best place to find ghosts at
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a number of years ago i remember going out with a group of local ghost hunters on an all day, two-state outing.

one of the places we went to was the old lake county jail house in crown point, indiana. commonly referred to as the dillinger jail. we werent able to get inside so we essentially just walked up and down this little alley that runs along side of the place. it wasnt what you would call a clear, sunny day but this was during daylight hours.

people were taking pictures and filming the building, there clearly wasnt anybody in the place and the door was locked. while reviewing some of the video footage you can see these weird, almost transparent faces looking out a window (maybe multiple windows). that was pretty much enough evidence for me.

additionally, next to that jail is the former courthouse which is currently a bar. a man that was there (i cant remember if he was with our group, a passer by or whatever) was talking about how when the bar has outdoor parties out back, the jails lights flash on and off and the sounds of cell doors closing can be heard when the music stops.

thats pretty much all i have to say.
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See? Even after explaining my reasons, the dreaded red bar starts to grow. Perhaps I should explain further.

mewantee's account falls under several of the things I listed: a readiness to believe in the supernatural (going on a ghost hunt), pareidolia (seeing faces in windows), and exagerrated narratives (at first it's one window, then it might be multiple windows - then you've got the spooky testimony of dun dun..."a man" at a bar)

Pareidolia - your brain making recognizable shapes out of vague, random stimulus - the easiest shape to make? A face:

However, that's a rock. The face(s.) you saw were in windows, and not against a rock wall. You say it wasn't exactly a clear, sunny day - meaning that it was cloudly? And these windows were glass?

Did the faces you see look anything like this?

Pretty spooky. It's clearly the ghost of an old woman, forever cursed to look out of the window, waiting for her lover to come back from The Great War when she di...oh, wait, no. It's more likely to be the reflection of the clouds in the glass (if not doctored altogether - an even more likely answer - as it's photographer was "ghosthunting" at the time).

Or there's the famous Wem ghost here in jolly old England. This regulary makes lists of the greatest pictorial proof of ghosts and ghoulies.

A clear image of a girl, captured by a photographer, in the burning shell of a building as the fire rages. Clear cut proof. You can watch about it here (note the added embellishments; girl's footprints, workers spotting a "figure", and an unrelated bloke seeing some mist in 1940...), a year after the fire.

A verdict by Vernon Harrison, president of the Royal Photographic Society, that it showed “no sign of having been tampered with” was enough to cement the story as real proof. However, it wasn't until recently that the photo was busted as a fake, when a newspaper reader, examining a re-printed postcard, spotted a little girl in the lower left, who looked mightly similar to the Wem ghost...

When viewed side-by-side:

And if you want to play about and match them up yourself, try the interactive mode, playing with the fade slider:

One of the most endearing ghostly legends of England busted. If not for one guy reading a paper and spotting the similarity, the legend would have lived on forever...a real ghost...


I try my hardest to be open-minded about these sorts of things, but sadly, ghosts are always a combination of genuine mistaken belief (like the posters in this topic), or cynical doctoring and fakery. Ghost hunting shows should never be taken at face value, since they have everything to gain by lazy "investigating", as well as outright fakery; i.e. their future careers, series recommission, TV advertising revenue, DVD sales, ghost hunting convention appearance fees, merchandising, spin-off books, tapes and other media, or you can't forget good ol' backhand payments by tourist trap locations who'll slip them a couple of bucks to be verified as "haunted", thus ensuring people will travel for hundreds of miles to spend money at a boring Bed and Breakfast, castle, lighthouse, abandoned jail or bar, just because some blokes off 'telly said a shadow on a wall was conclusive proof of ghostly activities.

I hope my cynical, abstract ramblings is enough to counter the negative votes. It's not my intention for this to be considered a personal attack on somebody's beliefs of ghosts, but instead, a mild plea to consider the alternative...

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