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Created: 2011-10-29 20:41:48
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Time is simultaneous. The past, present, and future are simply all happening at the same time. Time is also infinite, the past is currently being repeated by other versions of you, so is the future. Before you deem this as nonsensical, let me explain myself.

What is time? Some say it is the 4th dimension, others say that it is money, but I say that time isn't linear. Time, as linear as it may seem, is not. You can always ask the question of "why does is seem to be linear?", the answer is simple: Entropy.

As our consciousness progresses, or "as time goes on" in your case, we are subject to the Universe's law of disorder. Entropy is what gives time it's linear arrow, but without entropy, things would un-break as often as they broke, people would get younger as often as they aged, the Earth would un-spin as often as it spins. You see the problem? If entropy did not exist, time's arrow would seem to diminish, leaving a nonsensical and confusing world behind. A counterargument would be that maybe entropy IS time, but this can be refuted by wormhole physics. Wormhole physics (in relevance to this discussion) theorizes that if one were to travel into the future from a given point in the present (one of higher entropy), they can always travel back to that point of which the wormhole was created (one of lower entropy). Now, wormhole physics would go in direct contrast with entropy, as when you travel backwards from the future to the present, entropy is digressing. We are able to come to the conclusion that time and entropy are separate.

So, having dealt with that, we can resume the main discussion. Now, imagine that a technology was made to travel back into the past (I am a disbeliever of past time travel, but such an example is relevant, though fallacious). When you travel back into the past for the reason of stopping your parents from meeting, a paradox begins to form: If you stopped your own birth, you would have never existed to travel back in time to stop your parents from meeting. Paradoxes tend to be avoided rather than solved, because paradoxes hint at impossibility. What I'm saying is, you CANNOT stop your own birth if you were to travel back in time to stop your parents from meeting, why? Because time is simultaneous. Think about it this way, you were ALWAYS there when your parents met, your appearing can be the soul cause that made your parents meet in the first place. So in other words, you always time traveled into the past to attempt to stop your parents. I've illustrated a diagram to help you understand this:

(please excuse my suckish artwork)

As you can see, everything discussed will always be happening, sadly, in this diagram, you will have never known what would happen at the moment that you time traveled. This diagram captures the idea that time is simultaneous because it shows us, (though the idea of past time travel is fallacious, it's fallaciosness isn't relevant, it is just a means to make you understand my point), that you will always exist.
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Oh, boy. I have trouble just figuring out Daylight Savings Time...

Don't make my brain hurt anymore than it already does.
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With this argument, you seem to be implying that time is circular, and not linear. This concept of circular reasoning given an input (The boy going back in time) is similar to a computer going through sets of data and computing them in an orderly fashion just as the preset lines of logic dictate.

So, say that the boy does in fact go back in time and stop his own birth. In computational standards, the output has become the input to erase the procedure. In Boolean terms:

If Man + Woman = Boy And Boy = Sexual Interactions, Then
Man + Woman = Sexual Interactions.
If BoyBackTime (Boy going backwards in time) = NoBoy (conception that paradox will eliminate the boy from existance), and If NoBoy = Boy (Considering they are both the same person from different instances in time) Then

NoBoy = Man + Woman And Sexual Interactions And BoyBackTime = Man + Woman And Sexual Interactions.

In the end, both people are the same, but in different instances in time. If the boy prevents the process that allows for his existence to develop, then he effectively splits into another dimension in which he never did go back in time. However, the boy existed in the dimension in which he did go back in time, and therefore his existence would be null. With the boy's action of going backwards in time, he generated another replication of himself in another dimension in which if observed by other people would still exist.

If you haven't looked it up, it's a little like Shroedinger's Cat.
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