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Points2Shop Forums » Proof » Free PS3 and Turtle Beaches P11's
Created: 2011-10-29 17:59:59
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This has been long over due, I just love my ps3 and playing online with my friends. The PS3 came in 3 days and the merchants shipping was cheap considering they use fedex ground (Mistermoney-hq) The turtle beaches came in 2 days after it shipped out, amazon was the merchant. I highly recommend gamers to get TB's or something up to par because you don't realize how much you are missing, these things saved my butt a couple of times on black ops. They comfortable, light weight, and the mic is superb. Enough with my babbling, here is the proof.

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Nice, hope i can get that one day! :p
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great prizes! have fun owning people on fps games :D
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Nice seeing your proof hyper! Congratulations on your PS3 and headset. ;)
I kinda want a new headset now, lmao. Annnnnnd I see Uncharted 2 in there as well. :o
Hope you're having fun on it. :D
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Nice prizes cutey :)!!!! WISH I HAD a ps3 to brag about...Have fun!
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awesome mate ..well done
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:o sweet!
congrats on the ps3 and headset! :D
2010-01-31 01:17:01
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Oh wow, nice. I hope that I end up getting that too.
Even though there are so many points in my way.
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nice enjoy I have turtle beaches they are great headphones just the long wire is the only annoying part

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