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Points2Shop Forums » Referral Talk » This is my new referral website! Like it? Can you please rate it?
Created: 2011-10-24 19:25:15
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Hi guys I just recently made a new website and I just wanted your opinion of it. Many as you can please. Please make it detailed e.g. anything I could improve on and so on.
Do you think my websites catchy and interesting and please leave me some tips on how I could make my website more popular I put on on lots of search engines and directories. Thank you here is my website:

b]Poll: What is bad about my site?[/b]

Easy to find ref link


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No offense intended but... all of it really is bad.

most important rule.... Never say Points2Shop, P2S, Cashle, GPT, PTC, etc.

And... I'm tired soooo sorry someone else will have to explain a LOT more.
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u need to make it look more formal and also, use nice images, maybe some proof images etc....
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as mbatussi said, make it look more formal. not trying to be rude, but there are lots of grammatical errors, stuff like that. there's an HTML code spot that you did incorrectly, so it looks weird also
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Points2shop is my specialty
Total posts: 1299
Date of Birth: 1995-09-05
Total Earnings: $380.12

I hope you are even reading these comments.

  • Tutorials, Contact Me, and Proof of Rewards pages can go.
  • Fix your HTML.
  • Have no images that say Points2Shop, Cashle, or P2S in them.
  • Re-word "sign up using valid and real information" don't use the words valid or real. It may be what they need to do but it sounds like it's a scam.
  • Get rid of this line and EVERYTHING underneath it. "Now let me kindly go over some site rules:"
  • Completely re-do this paragraph. Instead of saying:
"So Ready To Earn Free Xbox Games and More from Amazon? Read on and discover!
Hi everyone. First I would like to thank you for choosing my site to visit, OK now I'm going to tell you how to can earn free stuff off Its called 'Points2Shop'. But first there are 3 simple steps to get you started!"

Keep on topic. Since your ref link leads to a Black Ops splash page only talk about Call of Duty: Black Ops. Don't stray from this topic. Never go back to saying anything in that paragraph. Just make a paragraph that gets the readers excited about Call of Duty: Black Ops itself. Then once the user is sitting there saying "Oh man I gotta get this game!!!" say "if you want to get Call of Duty: Black Ops for free click here."
  • Don't constantly nag about joining. By having to many links the viewer will surely think this is a scam.
  • Redo the layout, text color, background color, and link color.
  • You should only have one link total on your site. That link should go to your CoD: Black Ops splash page and should only be given once.
  • Choose a different domain name. freeblackops, freecodblackops, or blackopsforfree if any of them are available.
  • Read the Ultimate Referral Guide to learn how to get high quality back-links and how to set up your Referral Shot Gun all together.
  • Read Exar's SEO Breakdown to learn everything you need about SEO.
Hope this helped.

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