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Created: 2011-10-22 17:42:53
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I love the new private chat but I would like to see a few options added. I think it would be great if you could either turn it off or mark yourself as invisable (to all or just some members). The chat is a great addition but it can also be a pain if you just want to do your surveys with out being bothered. With the shoutbox it is easy enough to ingore it or turn it off, however we do not have that option with the new chat that I am aware of.

Poll: Would you like to be able to turn of the new chat or be invisable?


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Yep. :) I agree I would like to be invisible at times.
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I agree 100%. XD
Luis Monreal
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I agree with that 100% :D
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Agreed it would make it easier
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Good idea :)
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I still don't get this whole new chat thing :facepalm:
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