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Created: 2011-10-10 00:02:30
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I hope this is in the right section and not against the rules, if it's not in the right section or IS against the rules, Moderator/admin, please inform me and I apologize and/or please move it to the correct forum and inform me where you put it ::) thank you

Ok. So. I have a Google Adwords account for my website to get me referrals.
My ad keeps getting disapproved and i cannot get Google to approve the ad.
I don't know what is wrong with my site that they won't approve it.
I am paying any GOLD+ Member 150 points to help me get it approve (ill pay once it's approved :) )

My website is:
My Ad Is:
"Free Stuff From Amazon
Free Facebook Credits, Xbox Games
Free MS Points, Laptops and More!"

So, Is there anything wrong with my site/ad that would cause it to not be approved?
The reason google gave me is this:
"Landing page and site policy guidelines" Which links here;=190447

Thank you all for your help AND once again if any part of this is against the rules. PLEASE inform me and let me know what is wrong, please dont ban me :) I LOVE POINTS2SHOP!!!

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Try making the words lower case instead of all starting with an upper case letter. That was the problem with mine, since Google doesn't like when you abuse the CAPS in your ad.
2010-05-10 17:10:35
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I just had an Adwords account outright banned for this one. My landing page was

The short version is that they don't like the ad to point to a site that mentions getting free things on the landing page. I'd suggest just pointing the ad at your referral link.

Good luck!

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