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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » possibility of changing the font color of points2shop..
Created: 2011-09-23 13:50:38
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i want to suggest the accessibility of chnaging the color of points2shop the think of it, i think the data that coordonates teh chnging of the colour would be stored as cookie or something, so it could be very annoying having it reseting all the time we clear the cookies...but unless the data are stored directly on your account on the site instead of in the computer..anywayyyyyy i think it would be nice to have the possibility of changing the color of points2shop..
(for all of you who's about to say 'Who cares p2s is already fine!!' i know its fine! i love the way points2shop looks already!its just that i love when websites offer the possibility of personalisation.)
thks for reading, & have a good day! -peace
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i also think that would be a good idea to go with the comments on your profile make it more personal :)
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We have had this suggested before and I believe that many people liked it but the main issue would be that it would be a huge drain on the servers, and the programmers would have to code all of that =\

I don't see there any real need for it, and while personalisation is fun, and gives us a unique look, I don't think that it would be very beneficial to the site - pretty, but not very functional and may actually slow loading speeds - which will just annoy people :p
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i dont really like the standard p2s look either, luckily its a simple matter of switching the p2s css with a diff/better one, like the look of any of these?

depending on the browser you use its simple, firefox plugins ftw, easiest one i could find is called "stylish" :D

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