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Created: 2011-09-06 22:30:34
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it would be extremely nice if a Pac-Man game was on p2s....really....i surely hope someone or p2s will make this dream come true!
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lol that might be hard for some users
This post has been deleted.
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AH! PacMan! YES! how would you compete with it tho?
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That would be cool actually. Some people might go for hours though, if they're really good. Not sure I'd be willing to spend hours just to beat a score and win little points.
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if it would be pac-man i would play it all day all night :D
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Pacman would be mega awesome, but difficult. Maybe they could make the stakes higher so you can win more so it is worth the time?
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yeah if it were to be put up, it would need higher payouts because it can take a LONG time
2010-11-15 12:44:15
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That would be cool! PacMan would be so awesome!!!
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Pacman! I love it, never stop

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