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Created: 2011-08-13 05:22:46
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Poll: What change should be added to Number Limbo?

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Option 2
Nothing; leave it as it is.

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In my time here at P2S, (and from playing Number Limbo), I have noticed that many members are dissapointed because the same people win day after day after day. In fact, one person won every weekday of this week! (Congradulations to him!) This is because no one wants to pick "his" numbers for the game for fear of losing. This allows the "regulars" to keep winning. As a result, other members are giving up hope of winning, knowing that they're going to lose to the "regulars". This is unfair (in my eyes) and I feel that everyone deserves a chance. Now, I have two solutions to this.

1. Allow some "breather-space" in between wins for other members, based on what place they won.
4th and 3rd: 1 day
2nd: 5 days
1st: 1 week

2. Do not allow people to pick the same numbers over and over again.

Please take into consideration these ideas whether you are a "regular" or just a casual member who wants to try limbo out. Please vote above.
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Number Limbo began as a game of chance. Now it's more skill and the ability to be persistent and pay attention to the results which wins the game. I know a member that's been here well over 3 years and has chosen the same number every day. if you're consistent with your picks, even if someone else is choosing the same numbers - One or the other of you will get tired of losing and give up, usually resulting in a win.

The skill part is pretty common sense, if you see someone consistently winning with the same number or set of numbers - then you know that is their 'set'. Unless you want to lose purposely in an attempt to prevent from winning, then don't guess those numbers.

I see a lot of 'Hey, PM me your Limbo picks real quick!' going on in the Shout lately. I personally consider this a form of cheating that should be stopped. I mean, if everyone knows what everyone else is picking - It's no longer a game. Then it becomes more of a contest to see who can guess around those numbers first. 1 to 10,000 may seem like a lot, but there are currently 65,319 Bronze and higher level members that can participate in Limbo if they choose, so if you think about it - Technically every number could be chosen multiple times.
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I think that it wouldnt be fair to those who win to be "blocked" from the game for winning... I think that i like it the way it is rite now...
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I think that it wouldnt be fair to those who win to be "blocked" from the game for winning... I think that i like it the way it is rite now...dipal490

i agree with you , i havent played in awhile but i dont think it should be changed
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it should stay the same!!!
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I think It Should Be The Same Too.
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Change is needed. Alternatively I think the numbers should be selected randomly rather than having to try and guess the lowest number. I've spent several hundred points on the number limbo and have never won... guess it's not my thing lol
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Even though i dont play limbo, I think it should stay the same..
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As much as I don't like the same people winning over and over again I think it should stay the same.
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