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Rewards for Points2Shop surveys

Join Points2Shop today and collect rewards for every completed online survey!

Discover what Points2Shop has to offer with our wide variety of rewards from leading e-commerce brands like Amazon, PayPal, Virtual VISA debit cards and many more.

Whether you're new to Points2Shop or already a member of our community: Learn how you can earn rewards with surveys!


The most popular gift cards in the US

At Points2Shop you receive rewards and gift cards for a huge number of top brands fitting for every lifestyle. You can register for free, take online surveys and get paid for your time. Each completed survey nets you a reward and you can get a payout from $10.

Take a look at our different payout options.


Use your Gift Card towards Books, Electronics, Music, and more. The website is the place to find and discover almost anything you want to buy online at a great price.


Register today and start earning your rewards


1. Join now

Create an account and verify your email address.


2. Answer surveys

Log in and start taking surveys through our offer wall.


3. Get paid

You'll get paid for every survey you complete. When you reach $10 you can cash out.


See available online surveys

We match you with relevant surveys. Login to see surveys available to you. Answer profile questions to qualify for more surveys.


Cash payout from $10

You can choose to get paid
with PayP
al, Amazon gift
vouchers, Virtual VISA debit
cards, or many more rewards.


Make your voice heard

Researchers need your opinion
to help shape the future of the
brands, products, and services
in your life.


Prize and competitions

Take part in regular prize
draws and competitions
to earn extra rewards.


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