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Points2shop continues to grow every day, and over time we have accumulated quite a crew of administrators! Nowadays we have many dedicated admins that are working daily to ship your orders, process your withdrawals, answer your tickets, work on business development, marketing and develop the site.

There are quite a lot of administrators that you have most likely seen in the shoutbox, or even through a ticket or forum post. On this page you will be able to meet all the admins and get a short blurb of what they do for the site.

Littlerose & Matjong

This is where it all started! Mat (Matjong) and Janna (Littlerose) created Points2Shop wishing to create a fun, fair GPT for members to enjoy. They can regularly be seen in the shoutbox and forums. They help in tickets, orders, programming, and every other area you can think of. Mat's focus is mostly on programming while Lies is managing the support, order and payment sections of the site. When they aren't working, they are usually sleeping! But on that random occassion that they get a minute away from work, and they aren't sleeping; they love the outdoors, travelling, playing board games with friends. Mat loves picking on the staff ;) and playing the piano and Lies loves sports and licorice.


Mike (Aka justdoit2010) was the first person to work with Points2Shop. He has always dedicated himself to finding great new advertisers, as well as keeping offers neat and tidy for everyone. He makes sure that all offers credit properly, and approves all the manual offers our members claim. So, when you see him in the shoutbox, be sure you thank him for all the new offers that have recently been added AND the points that you get from offers.


Angel (Aka Snapgirls) is the master of support. As oldest Support Administrator of the team there's not much she doesn't know, and she's always managing every aspect of P2S so things run smoothly! Orders, tickets, messages, internal communication with other admins; You name it, and she handles it like no one else could. When she's not working, she enjoys graphic design and playing pranks with her mother, who lives with her in Eastlake, Ohio. Latest rumours are that she put green paint in her mothers shampoo bottles! We are all waiting for her mother's revenge...


Steph (Aka isk8lakai) was added to our support team shortly after Christine. Steph specializes in trouble tickets and has been very helpful in doing so. She can frequently be spotted in the shoutbox, and is also busy being a mom when she isn't working to help your issues. In her free time she also enjoys singing and crafting things from her Oregon home.


Michelle (Aka medler) is our Non Amazon Order and Cashle Verification mailer. She has been a fantastic help in all things shipping, with her extensive notes on just about everything; we are very confident that everything is sorted and re-sorted! Michelle spends her free time being a mom (and grandma!) as well as getting caught up in a good book, or a crossword puzzle from her Michigan home.


Ted (Aka PanTheMan) is another hard working part of our support team! Ted is always ready to help with whatever issue you may have. He's also proved himself to be an expert in English and is often busy squashing all spelling errors on P2S! When he isn't working, he can be spotted red-eyed on his PS3, watching movies or relaxing with his beloved guitar in Oregon.


Leonardo (Aka leoromo) is our 'manual offer' admin. He is all about getting the best manual offers from our advertisers, as well as managing them behind the scenes once we get a new batch in. This is a pretty big job so it keeps him busy! When Leo isn't working he's having a great time with his girlfriend while settling into their new home together.


Sudheer (Aka bngsudheer) is a programmer and a system administrator. Sudheer writes programs for the Points2Shop websites and also manages the server infrastructure. He is a member of many technology groups, both virtual and local. He is a regular speaker at BangPHP, a user group dedicated to PHP programming language.He's an advocate of open source software and Linux operating system. When he's not sitting in front of the computer, he enjoys reading books. He's a voracious reader and particularly loves reading thrillers.


Marcin (Aka ergo14) has been a programmer of Points2Shop for quite some time now. He always has a fix for any issue we throw at him. He's also our resident bug squasher. When he isn't working, which is rare; he likes to listen to AND broadcast his favorite songs while relaxing at his home in Poland with his lovely wife, Monica!


Lukasz(aka virhilo) has been working as a programmer for over five years. He has been a key component of Points2shop since the beginning and works in all areas of the website. He is a Poland native and when he is not working he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, as well as spending time with friends. He is crazy about photography, the open source community and cooking. He is doing an amazing job and Points2Shop hopes to have him here with us for years to come!


As the busy Mom, Leslie (aka ldparker76) can most often be seen working late nights and weekends taking care of Account Support. In her free time she enjoys cooking, creating digital art, and spending time fishing around her Fayetteville, North Carolina home.


Nate (aka ldpx3000) is responsible for all things mobile app related (iOS and Android) and an avid gamer. When he is not working hard to make sure the mobile apps are filled with the best opportunities available, he is playing his 5 string Ibanez bass, watching/coaching/playing football with his sons or playing COD or Left 4 Dead 2 with friends and family.


Aaron (aka adavis24) is a verification ticket specialist that joined our team in Oct 2012. Works on solving account issues for users regarding verification. Loves to travel and enjoys family (did you know he is a twin?). Also enjoys entertainment and attending Atlanta Hawks games. Cheers to joining a great team/company!


Michelle (Aka Michelle213) is our manual and international order admin. She also helps with various graphics projects and other miscellaneous duties. When Michelle isn't working, she's usually spending time with her puppy and maintaining her aquariums.


Pratyush(Aka pratyush1097) is an account manager for Points2shop in India. He will get plenty of new surveys for you all to complete. During the weekend he is a party animal and enjoys singing Bollywood songs. He loves traveling to Hill station with family and friends.


Daniela (aka Belfer) is located in our Atlanta headquarters and responsible for all the marketing activities such as promotions on the P2S page or the social media pages as well as getting the word out there! She is also the main contact for promoters and those who want to become one. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family and friends and enjoys playing tennis or challenging the team in table tennis.

With Points2shop being such a growing community though, we also have quite a few other dedicated people that continue to help us daily. These are members helping out with offers, or doing editorial work, programming, helping out with the community as a whole, contests, and bettering the site overall. While these helping hands aren't pictured, we are extremely thankful to have them on board.

We also wish to give a special thanks to everyone who has ever had a hand in helping with the members, the technical side, the designing, etc. We cannot express how thankful we are to have met so many generous and amazing people through our memberbase.

Our moderators - Thank You !!!

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