Why do I support this web site ?Well it is true there many other site are like point2shop that you can earn free stuff.But what make point2shop different ? It the members and staff f the site. they're always inviting friendly and helpful.

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LDParker76 US
reply date: 2011-08-11 06:25:18
Hi Moo! Just dropping in to say Hi.
This post has been deleted.
This post has been deleted.
ironman2010 US (TX)
reply date: 2011-09-01 05:46:00
MOO!! ur kitty is saying *I Iz wathing a mooveh no pictures* :p LOL
This post has been deleted.
LDParker76 US
reply date: 2011-09-25 21:02:16
moofoo76 US (CO)
reply date: 2011-09-25 21:08:05
ha ha ha love it couldn't stop laughing thanks LDParker76
mbatussi UK
reply date: 2011-09-26 21:23:53
u have some nice banners :D
lilneicybaby US
reply date: 2011-12-06 01:20:21
howdy :fat: ~.^
moofoo76 US (CO)
reply date: 2011-12-06 07:43:52
last edited on: 2015-02-09 14:47:09
These are few of the item I have gotten for free from points2shop

Check out the stuff I have gotten from points2shop for free yes all those item there you see I have gotten from this web site

SilverGoldFire US
reply date: 2012-03-01 00:38:49
Cool stuff moof!
moofoo76 US (CO)
reply date: 2012-04-06 02:14:59
last edited on: 2012-04-06 23:34:14
my xbox 360 320GB hard dive for xbox 360 slim That I gotten for free by earning points on here and saving them up it took me about little over a month to save up those points but it was well worth it

to show that the hard drive dose work here my system memory status before the hard drive was put in

and after the hard drive was put in system memory status

weeksy US (ME)
reply date: 2012-07-18 12:22:52
Excellentamundo....CONGRATS ON DIAMOND
lomas1984 UK
reply date: 2012-07-19 19:16:13
congrats on diamond moofoo
LDParker76 US
reply date: 2012-08-31 14:04:53
moofoo76 US (CO)
reply date: 2013-02-08 15:44:36
last edited on: 2013-02-08 09:45:54

Check out my video proof of getting 800 free xbox points.

chevychic255 US (GA)
reply date: 2013-06-01 05:37:08
Moofoo!! Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day! :D
ton4i DE
reply date: 2013-11-08 22:40:12
hey :D
moofoo76 US (CO)
reply date: 2013-12-14 21:31:41
last edited on: 2014-01-22 22:45:19
Lot people are asking how come I can not qualify for survey or getting my credit when i complete a survey. I going to give you some tip and reason why you might not be qualifying for survey or get credit for them.
Now my guide isn't a cheat and or 100% sure why to get you qualify for ever survey you try to do.

*NOTE* Points2shop dose not approve survey all survey has to be approve by the survey study group that provide surveys on point2shop. Also survey can denied any one at any time and they don't have to credit you even if you have qualified and fully complete the survey. There are few reason why someone might not qualify for surveys or not be getting their credit after they complete the surveys. And lot of it has do with the survey taker them self.

Also Doing lot survey I learn what survey group has the higher approval rate than other groups.

ssi survey group has the highest approval rate at 60%
ssi survey group

Next highest is Peanut lab with approval rate at 30%
Peanut lab

And the last highest is Federal survey group with approval rate of 20%
federal survey group

and the lowest is uSamp survey group at 5% approve rate.
uSamp survey group
Now this don't mean you shouldn't try uSamp some member have done well with uSamp more than other.

Now onto my survey tips and guide

If you have not filled out your demographics than you need go to my account at the top to edit account than click on Edit demographics fill out each one.
p2s demograhics

Also want to fill out UsAmp profile if it available for you to do.is go to earn point tab than click on uSamp survey than on the page you see to tab they well be blue or gray in color one say survey the other says profile click on the one that says profile
next you need to complete each category on the list.
usamp survey group

Now note once you fill out your demographics this doesn't mean you be able to qualify or able to get into a survey easier. all the demographics is help to find a survey group to more of your standers. There are also other key factor that well
determined if you get into survey and if you qualify or not for a survey.

I have listed reason why one might not be qualify or not be able to get into a survey.

Did you know 99% of the time why someone not qualify for survey is their own doing?

So take the time to read this information that I have provided for you.

Personal information

They don't use there legit information.This mean your
house hold income (how much income is brought into the house hold)
job employment status
Relationship status ( if your married , single or divorce,
House hold size ( How many people are living under the same house hold that include kids and roommates.)

This very impotent that you use your real information when completing a survey any one using false and lying on their information not only can not get qualify or able to get their credit when completing a survey. They can also can get their account block on points2shop and can result in getting their account banned and not be able to earn credit and get item from points2shop.

Not completing the survey in the set time provided

They don't complete the survey in the set time limit. Ether they race though the survey to fast or take to much time to compete the survey.

Every survey has a set time limit that is give before each survey. This time limit is set by the survey group. And this time limit is the average time that a survey taker should complete the survey by.

How do they keep track of time and now how long each person have complete survey ? Ever survey has page tracker watch tell the survey study group how long someone is visiting each page.

If survey taker try to complete the survey to hastily the system well think this person is ether bot program and well denied the survey and they do by few thing

1. Trick questions these are trick question the survey group set up by making sure that the survey taker is reading the question and not marking random answers

2 Some survey are monitor by people that work for the survey study group them self and they can see who is complete the survey legit and who is just racing though the survey so they can get done fast they can so they can rack up as much credit as they can.

If a survey taker take to long to compete the survey by the set time limit they can also can get denied for survey and not able to get paid out the credit for completing it.
The reason why every survey has a cap limit. This set by the survey study group on how many people they allow into the survey and how much they pay out or how many people they pay for taken the survey.

So this very impotent that you take your time when completing survey and make sure you complete the survey around the set time limit that survey has given to complete the survey.
This mean you need to read every question and info the survey is asking of you.

Those are the top reason why one might not qualify for survey.

Other reason why someone might not qualify or be able to earn credit when completing survey are.

Dose not meet requirement for the study of they survey

Dose not meet the requirement for a certain study group. Not only your demographics can determined if one can qualify to take a survey. Some survey study group look for certain answer that the survey taker given.

Example a study group might look for certain people who own certain product that the survey study group want research about.

How do they decide how is qualify for these study groups ?

Survey use what are called key trigger words the key trigger words sit program words that survey group set up that let the survey system know who is able or not to take a survey and who is can get approve or not when completing the survey.

The most common key trigger words are
Would you, and Have you,
Those are the biggest common keywords survey use. Now lot time this were lot of you get disqualify where you shouldn't.
I going to tell you here what answer you need to put down to rise your chances to qualify for survey.

Do you own this item?

When the survey ask have you ever own a item. Lot of time they give you list of item they want to ask you about.
mark down the one you have owned. Even if you no longer own that item you still can mark it down the reason is you know about that item they are asking about.

Would you buy this item

Next when the survey ask you Would you buy this item.? This another area where lot member get disqualify a lot at. They try ether try to mark down all the item down.
Important to only check off the item that you know about. If you have no clue what the item is do not check it off.

Continuing on with keywords.
Trick keywords

There also trick keywords these are set up though out the survey to get you disqualify
The reason why they have they Trick keyword is that survey group don't want to pay out everyone how take a survey. So they set up these trick keywords to limit the amount of pay outs.

I well tell you the most common trick keyword that lot people get trap by.

Have you taken a survey before.

This biggest trick keyword survey use. when ever you see this question you should always mark no. or none above.
The reason why you want to mark no is lot time that survey group is link to other survey group to so by marking no or none above this well open more survey group for that study group up.

One more reason why one not qualify for survey and this most common one member do. They don't close out the last survey they did before opening a new one.

Closing out the survey page you have completed

You want to completely close the survey out once you have fill completed it. and have been giving the you have pass or qualify the survey. If you haven't and gotten sorry you have not qualify and the survey is allow you to take another survey than click on take another survey..
But if you have qualify and pass the survey than close it out. Now don't close it out right away.It is best if you wait about 5 to 10 seconds before closing the survey.

The reason why you want do this is.
1.It give time for the survey data to run your information you have provided for the survey to set.

2.It well reset the survey code. What the survey code ? Every time one take survey they get a code this tell the data how many survey someone is taking. So by having more than one survey page open it telling the system you have taken survey before.

So never have more than one survey open at time. and make sure you close the one you got done first before starting the survey.

Those are the reason why you might not be qualifying or getting credit from survey.

Remember this isn't a cheat..........
moofoo76 good luck and happy earning.
patsfan4ever888 US
reply date: 2014-01-26 12:46:56
Put that on a forum!
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