The Points2Shop Lottery is an easy and FUN way to earn more points! Below you will see the results of the last lottery along with the tickets that you have earned for the next lottery.

It's easy to enter the Lottery

For every spin2win you have the chance to receive one lottery ticket which could get you free points or more lottery tickets when the upcoming lottery is drawn. You can earn more lottery tickets by posting topics in our free stuff forum. The more deals you find for others, the more tickets you can earn! Before posting any comments, read our definition of spam. You will lose a lottery ticket for each comment which is marked as spam, so please only post useful comments.

Lottery advice and guidelines

  • All tickets that you have earned will be used in the next lottery.
  • A new lottery is held every week. The jackpot will grow by 1000 points (that's $10) every week until it is won!
  • Your reward is determined by the numbers you have matched (starting at the right).
    • If you have the ticket A91765 and the winner is A98765, you matched 3 numbers.
    • If you match all 6 numbers, you win the jackpot.
    • If you only match the last 5, you will win the second prize - and so on.
  • If you do not log in to claim your jackpot winnings within 7 days the jackpot will continue to grow by 1000 points and you will not receive your jackpot prize

Upcoming Lottery 22 July

Lottery Highlights
Lottery Ends in 7 days
Jackpot 5000 points
Your Tickets 0
All 6 numbers 5000 points - raising jackpot
Last 5 numbers 1000 points
Last 4 numbers 500 points
Last 3 numbers 200 points
Last 2 numbers 50 points
Last number 5 tickets for next drawing
You have not yet earned any tickets for the upcoming lottery.

Results of the Previous Lottery 15 July

Lottery Highlights
Winning Number B70295
Jackpot4000 points
Your Tickets 0
Your Winning Tickets

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