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Your game level for this game is Novice(2000). This means you will only play against members with the same game level. This system will give you the opportunity to play against players with the same skill as you. The number of games you play will have an effect on your level.

Slingshot action with a delightful element of risk.



Each level allows up to two chances the get the maximum possible points.
  • Use your mouse to slingshot the character into one of 4 targets on each of the 14 levels.
  • Retry each level if you are not satisfied with your score.
  • Score is based on the sum of all the points from each level.
  • The game ends when you finish the 14th level.
  • Closing the game page will forfeit your game and a new opponent will be assigned in your place.
  • In the event of a tie, the winner is chosen randomly.

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