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1Cloth Nappies!
Yep, in July ^_^ (unless she's early!)
Thanks :D They're super soft, can't wait to use them!! going to order some more when I have the points :D
by lacrimosaangel
2013-05-20 16:20
2Cloth Nappies!
Yeah, they really are ^_^ The disposables just come as they are and tend to leak a lot, but with the cloth ones you can get inserts to increase the absorbancy and just get chucked in the washing machine :) No more leaking nappies (woo!)
by lacrimosaangel
2013-05-14 03:54
3Cloth Nappies!
Thanks ^^ I'm sure they'll be great! Disposable are just so darn expensive these days, but these cloth ones can be adjusted to fit the size of the baby :)
by lacrimosaangel
2013-05-14 03:50
4Cloth Nappies!
Not sure if they work yet, little'un hasn't been born yet! Looking forward to using them though!!
by lacrimosaangel
2013-05-14 03:43
5Cloth Nappies!
YaY! Been more excited about this order than any other, they arrived after just 2 days :D

Some gorgeous cloth nappies for my little princess, will hopefully be ordering more soon!
by lacrimosaangel
2013-05-14 03:34
6Adding to goals
Brill thanks :)
Sorry to be a pain ;)
by lacrimosaangel
2013-04-19 10:29
7Adding to goals
Hey ldpx, I'm having an issue with the app again.. Whenever I go through the rewards gallery and click "add to goals", I check back here and it's not listed on the site :\ is this a known error or am I just doing something wrong?
Thanks ^^
by lacrimosaangel
2013-04-17 07:42
8w3i on samsung galaxy note 2
ah okay brill :D Thanks for that - not a huge problem, just thought maybe it was a resolution thing. It's still useable ^_^
by lacrimosaangel
2013-04-01 08:03
9w3i on samsung galaxy note 2
For some reason, the offers come up in a small box in the middle of the screen...
by lacrimosaangel
2013-04-01 07:59
10When do you think it is okay to start exercising again?
I would discuss it with your OB or your physician. Technically, you should be fine external stitching wise, you should be fine to stretch and do some gentle yoga, but you'll need the OK from the OB/GP incase they have any reason to believe you need to take it extra easy (ie, extra internal trauma during the delivery, you'll need to make sure your womb has shrunk back to normal size as well, just to avoid any extra cramping etc,

I haven't had a C-section before, my daughter was born by water birth, but even 6 weeks later you may need to take it easy as you may still be prone to bleeding and cramping. Congratulations on the newborn!!
by lacrimosaangel
2013-02-14 16:04
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