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1UK Merit Team Needed
looking for 1 possibly 2 at the most members to join my team.would prefer them to be uk members send me a message with how many merits you have as this is to share 1 of the top prizes.thanks
by alkaholic1987
2013-10-06 06:15
2UK survey situation
just completed opinions and guy2c and the credited b4 id even finish with spin2winkaidenlogan

alrite for some lol.funny how 1 guy2c approved now just gota chase up the other 5
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-21 03:01
3UK survey situation
My opinion surveys DID credit over night thankfully!ThisAnvil

ah yeah but i bet your guy2c didnt! and what about today? check the summary if you complete any dailys i'll give you a gold medal
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-20 06:44
4UK survey situation
hahahahaha this is a fact its not im so mad im having to laugh just to stop me pulling my own face off.ok p2s her's your daily summary of the daily surveys

research project - completed no credit = 0 points
surveyhead + router - instant disqualification = 0 points
ssi - unfortunately we have no surveys for you to take = 0 points
opinion survey - completed then got upssurveyrouter interferred message 4 times in total = 0 points
giveusyour2cents - no surveys for you = 0 points
pr1904 + pr1980 - sorry no surveys = 0 points
samplicio - thank you page = 0 points

this is the most damned proof you can get so i been on here since 9am.its now 12.38pm so in 3 and a half hours trying to do surveys i have earnt... 0 points.i think this is easily the most angry i've been since joining words cant even describe how mad i am right now i dont care if people think im getting my knickers in a twist like i said this is my life and theres no price on that but you have me sitting here trying your unreliable surveys...for nothing.pfft i feel like suing
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-20 06:42
5UK survey situation
That is an advertiser problem, just clear cookies and do it again. It's just an error, it wont affect you.MrInsanity

you was wrong i cleared cookies and nope no surveys to take now.thanks p2s for another day where i earn virtually zilch not completing any daily survey's.what the hell they there for just to look good or what
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-20 06:13
6UK survey situation
another update! im fully fuming tried my 1st daily of the day opinion surveys i had 4 check boxes so 4 surveys to take.the first 3 all said ups survey failed.i refreshed the page and each time it took me to a new survey i actually took 1 completed it it said click here to submit your answers i do it then again it comes up server error.i go back and now have no surveys to take! grrrr i swear to god im gona say some things i might regret if some1 doesnt do something!

almost forgot to mention new reserach project survey added today for 100 points.hasnt credited me or anybody.another survey thats 2 out of 2 attempted today i've been ripped off on.lets see if i can get 3 out of 3 bravo p2s good job fantastic work
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-20 05:46
7UK survey situation
admin's chop chop! luck at the disharmony amongst us members... high level members at that look we got plats/elite/diamond and even legend members all saying the same thing. quick update on yesterday with the new captcha code's i come on today to see opinion credited eventually but guy2c did not.this is about the 6th time in the past 2 weeks guy2c has not credited me (4 days in a row last week) i have issued a non credit request for that amount of points going unpaid is quite frankly abysmal from the p2s hierarchy you should be fighting our cause like it was your own to those advertisers not asking for credit but demanding it.i thought the motto everybody spoke of who works here was were the best we strive to be the best etc etc. while that is looking like a bit of a mockery to be honest.i see you feel the need to send out sitewide messages regarding adding a new server updating a server etc. never mind that how about sending out a mass message to all uk members outlining whats happening and whats going to happen to ease some of our minds because until you do something like that you are just gona have thread after thread complaint after complaint its just snowballing when i 1st raised these issues i would get a couple responses at best now you see these threads are the most popular recent 1's getting hundreds of views and pages of comments.its in your hands p2s...
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-20 04:26
8UK survey situation
right survey situation update will also add this to main post on page 1. for a start the research projects are very frustrating it appears that now if you not in the first 10 people to complete you wont complete.what they keep doing is letting you take the entire survey then disqualify you on the end page.they shouldnt be allowed to keep getting away with this.

same again with opinion surveys and guy2c they let you complete 100% even entering the validation code at the end then a ''sorry you dont qualify'' message appears.there literally robbing us of points because i did the same survey as person x but they get credit and i didnt i've lost count the amount of times this happens.

and now a new problem.yes on top of all this there is another new know the difficult captcha code you enter before taking a surveyhead or router survey... well they appear at the end of opinion surveys and guy2c it appears.i got them both at the end of the survey i got congrats screen after but never got credit for i am putting my foot down im no longer gona be allowed to be told by an admin oh this happens sometimes just try again no i am owed literally thousands of points through non credit.i know sometimes it might of been for some other reason but when i know i did it right like the 2 surveys today no i will be issuing a non credit request and i am gona get paid. i am well aware of what these sites entail and know the risks you sometimes take but this is daylight robbery and that i will not accept.
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-19 06:11
9UK survey situation
i dont know who the hell thinks there funny but undeleting a post i deleted for trying to incite an argument you went over the line as im presuming it was a mod or admin i clearly state to you now this is my thread and if i dont want conflict i will delete any message i see fit too ok. lol at a mod/admin trying to actually stir it up
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-18 01:29
10UK survey situation
@stephenbaldwin i guess you didnt read the whole thread cos on the previous page i said no arguing so why are you posting comments that are only gona lead to conflict.have some respect for my thread please.
by alkaholic1987
2012-07-17 01:56
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