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1Got the Shiny Charm on Pokemon X!!!
I got it yesterday and i almost flipped. It truly isnt that difficult, just a little time consuming. Im from the US so i dont have access to the Pokebank or any friends that have access to the Pokebank. I just got a totodile and i kept breeding it and putting it on the GTS for a Pokemon i didnt have. Once i had all the non legendaries, i put up a 5 IV hidden ability Pokemon up and it got traded and then i kept trading for the rest of the legendaries. I think theres 13 event-exclusive Pokemon you dont need to have in order to get it (i show/name them in the video). Let me know if you guys have any other questions.
by NYY1313
2014-01-06 22:00
2What am I doing wrong?
typically a lot of impressions and no referrals means you are just spamming your link on other websites and not getting natural traffic from your site from places like google or other search engines. and if you arent getting traffic from search engines you need to start doing SEO, which will take at least 2 months to kick in. referrals requires a lot of patience.
by NYY1313
2013-07-29 01:52
3Refferal not working?
should credit right away. you might want to send in a support ticket and have the admins sort it out
by NYY1313
2013-07-22 22:14
4Doing a referral link on youtube?
i will say this. referrals arent for the faint of heart. i remember when i first started out it was a lot of hard work. its an investment really. it took 3 months of work before i even got referrals but once i did, it was well worth it. so im not sure if youre talking about just 10 refs or 100 or even more, but if you are going to do it you will need to put in a lot of time with no gain until a few months. the best way to get referrals that will earn you money is to do it right. theres no way around it. youtube can be difficult but will be well worth it. making a website is easier but wont always yield as high of a profit as youtube. so as you can see you have a predicament and you gotta choose depending on how many refs you want
by NYY1313
2013-05-31 10:45
5Doing a referral link on youtube?
i have done it before. you just have to be really careful because most youtube videos that have ref links in them get flagged and removed for scams/fraud
by NYY1313
2013-05-31 10:37
6Help me put my site back up?
well if you want to use those files so your site will look the same, youll have to get paid hosting cause no free hosting places will allow you to upload files. and if you do that, youll need the CSS of your site or else itll look all weird and i didnt see it in the files you have. it might just be best to start over on another place with free hosting. ive never gotten a site deleted off blogger, but just google :"free website creator" and something should come up that you can use
by NYY1313
2013-03-06 10:57
7Free $50 Gift Card* --->>MAILED<<
niiiice. ive been earning quite a few of these myself recently ;)
by NYY1313
2013-03-06 10:53
8Free Free $40 by Paypal
wow a platinum member from India! keep on working hard man!!
by NYY1313
2013-03-06 10:52
9Free Fidlar
congrats. keep up the good work :)
by NYY1313
2013-03-06 10:51
10Referal Merits
You get 50 merits for soop which take 10 second you get 5 merits for 5 referal which could take monthsAlexwow1

well if you wanna use that logic doing offers can take months too :p
by NYY1313
2013-02-27 09:01
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