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1Upload files from your PC
Use hyperdesktop and screen region your image so it uploads to imgur.

^ alternative while this suggestion is pending.
by Jaytylor
2014-01-12 22:03
2How much do you spend on DLC?
I never buy DLC. I only buy game of the year editions.
by Jaytylor
2014-01-12 13:35
3JavaScript Adventure Game
Been working on this for a year. I haven't really been working on it consistently & took month breaks.

Sixth Version (1 Year JS Experience) (No functionality):

This version is using a modified website design since I'm a programmer, not a designer ^.^ I'm hosting all my projects on this site as well. I'm planning to add, Inventory, server side coding, more attributes, enemies, damage over turns (poison), and a rarity system.

************************************* OLDER VERSIONS *************************************

Fifth Version V2 (6 months JS Experience) (Unplayable):

I broke the ACTUAL fifth version because the spawning system was half done. This is the complete mother load update where I poorly designed it myself. I switched everything into objects instead of having single variables. (, | instead of plyHP, enmHP). Added armor resistance (100 / (armor + 100).

Fifth Version V1 (4 months JS Experience) (Playable): (refresh if layout is broken)

Re-vamped the hole thing with a decent user interface.

Fourth Version(2 month JS Experience):

Critical Strike; No more prompt, gold and point conversions.

Third Version (2 month JS Experience):

Still using document.write but I added buttons.

Second Version (1 month JS Experience):

Simple document.write stuff and prompt().

First Version (1 month JS Experience):

Just using Prompt(); nothing special; was learning JavaScript at that time.

Any ideas?
by Jaytylor
2014-01-06 01:49
by Jaytylor
2014-01-05 16:03
5Unscramble My Letters *Mini Game*
by Jaytylor
2012-10-04 20:27
6Magical Soda Machine Game *Mini Reward Game*
Inserts receipt.
Gets money.
by Jaytylor
2012-10-04 20:00
7Do you regret your username?
Yes and I want to change it.
by Jaytylor
2012-10-04 19:55
8Funniest Picture Contest
by Jaytylor
2012-10-04 19:25
9Creating the new hit iOS app.
My teacher gave me the idea to do this and I was wondering if I should give her some money after I make some money off it. How much if so?

Also, I'm wondering how should I advertise this app? It's a really good idea and I know people will buy it, but I want to know which method works the best.

It's a game app also.
by Jaytylor
2012-10-04 19:08
10★★★★★★★★ |Guide| Earn 1,500 Referrals Easily | ★★★★★★★★
This guide will teach you how to make 1500+ referrals easily. I've made around $400 with this by barely doing anything but copying and pasting.

Reply to this thread if you're interested in downloading this guide

You may also donate $2.50 via PayPal if you can't get SC to work.

By downloading this guide you must agree to the following thing( s ):

You may not reupload or resell my guide to ANYONE.
by Jaytylor
2012-01-09 17:21
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