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1More Proof
Two £25 amazon gift cards not sure what to get yet with them thanks alot points2shop your awsome :-)
by 80general
2015-01-25 07:32
2who drink, and who don't drink
+1=4 i'll be having a cold beer shortly and a wee dram hehe
by 80general
2014-12-07 09:05
3change language (Resolved)
a translate should pop up on your screen so you can view it in english if not use google
by 80general
2014-10-01 01:10
4My first rewards
congrats on all your prizes :-) try posting pictures if you have a camera
by 80general
2014-09-29 00:58
5didn't get points (Resolved)
by 80general
2014-09-24 11:08
6Merits (Resolved)
look here it will explain
my advice would be save up at least 25k before even thinking of joining or making a team or you merits will be wasted when joining a team make sure the members are active or if you make one only let active members join
by 80general
2014-09-23 23:42
7if your stuff never came and your tring and tring to get points back post here
This post should not be in the proof section i moved it to off topic for you once p2s has approved your stuff its down to the seller and the post where you live if you have not recieved your items in 3 weeks then send in a ticked and points2shop will look into for you
by 80general
2014-09-23 23:34
8Another free $50 Virtual Visa
congrats i'm going to put on my best clothes and you can take me out for a meal :-p
by 80general
2014-08-19 03:20
9Free ps4 bought with amazon card from p2s
congrats did you get a ps4 for $260??
by 80general
2014-08-18 02:14
1090750 point proof
I ordered all these love2shop gift cards you can use them in many places so they will come in handy
by 80general
2014-07-04 05:58
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