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Diamond Icon submissionsisk8lakai211176962017-07-19 14:15:59
by Jrstacey
A note about adding new gift cardsMatjong3533162016-03-31 00:09:15
by RocketChimp
Points2shop should send out an inbox message about ...Littlerose6398662015-12-29 19:18:23
by CLD23601
Gift cards for CANADAfallonbal...1817992014-09-13 14:12:45
by gigabyte284
Suggestions: Ideas that won't or can't happen (Please do not repost these)agm1992158342009-12-21 19:48:10
by agm1992
Being able to Cash out via Uber/Lyftlapraceon192018-01-14 12:50:07
by lapraceon
More transparency/communicationOrbitStorm3522017-11-29 21:30:44
by triheadedmonkey
International members...vickysagar52532017-11-03 00:27:00
by irmalwar
Watching Videonashtyblue71462017-10-19 08:14:20
by redandrose
Quality scoregraeme741921672017-06-15 09:37:43
by treghost1
Entertainmentredandrose1642017-06-03 04:45:43
by redandrose
Impression Originationkamikazek...31212017-04-21 09:00:57
by kamikazek1ller
Next Survey Ideakamikazek...2852017-04-13 08:15:17
by saturnblkg
PUT HOTLINK PREPAID NUMBERS AS REWARD AFTER EARNING POINTS ON points2shop.comStarryl1742017-04-02 16:30:04
by Starryl
Mobile app icon for New layoutkillerseed41232017-03-17 12:25:48
by Bambiandblake
Watching videosallrisk51882017-03-13 03:19:02
by saturnblkg
Videos that pay 2 cents on the app! Can they be added?yoshiboy1121512017-03-06 07:27:52
by ldpx3000
A one week suspension from Number Limbo once you win instead of 2.yoshiboy1111022017-02-16 17:27:36
by yoshiboy11
For intl membersvickysagar82222017-01-20 07:58:55
by vickysagar
Consistent exchange rates for Reward Gallery Amazon orders and Gift Cardshebby201211652016-12-01 19:20:39
by hebby2012
Holiday Payfoxieboxie41162016-11-26 10:05:07
by hebby2012
Digital Japanese PSN cards? Or ones outside of the American ones?Tofupatty11142016-09-17 22:30:02
by Tofupatty
Adding 48 hour and 7 day trials for Xbox live in P2S's Galleryyoshiboy1121272016-09-02 13:11:04
by shelbinator
Add $5 Xbox codes into the P2S store!yoshiboy1121342016-09-02 13:06:16
by shelbinator
Type Captchas to Earn Pointszzirgly118832016-08-21 09:16:12
by CypherAES
eBay gift cards (preferably digital)sparktobi11532016-07-28 11:03:56
by sparktobi
Helper System for Int memberstreghost176762016-07-25 22:00:20
by Mydragonsfly
your surveys routerxan12345121652016-07-15 10:50:07
by agm1992
Quality Score needs a reworkWannapla1753122016-07-11 11:10:59
by Bambiandblake
Google Play Cards?swaykid88821232016-07-10 04:47:55
by iamred
Denied OrderHenning9541922016-06-29 12:00:42
by Bambiandblake
I think we should still be able to donate to causes if we are blocked.lapraceon32012016-06-29 11:43:13
by Bambiandblake
Merits upon DisqualifcationStarHawk202143352016-06-08 08:22:46
by MARYP813
Blocking privilegesgem490361872016-06-03 06:47:14
by MARYP813
Four possible suggestions for P2S to consider.jasonbrow...52782016-06-01 16:30:38
by Elderwand8
announce pay pay instant status on or off in shout as a random messagebadjhonson22432016-05-09 17:12:43
by mscharla
more adminsshep100uk11592016-04-28 07:16:31
by shep100uk
award points for free gamessalimadeen31622016-04-15 06:10:05
by raito9
deposit cashdailey12342072016-04-08 09:53:11
by lapraceon
Change the "Rewards Redeemed" scrollshelbinator12102016-03-28 15:19:48
by shelbinator
more opportunitiesdavidrico31602016-03-25 08:12:09
by lapraceon
New GOAL options!superman347442512016-03-16 04:57:28
by EvanescentFantasy
Adding more $50 offers like Nerd and Wrestle Crates!yoshiboy1132412016-03-11 21:44:27
by justinbates1992
Adding "Mafia" as a gamelapraceon21702016-03-04 09:26:17
by gem4903
Other ways of obtaining spinslapraceon83122016-02-14 19:47:30
by tweiber12
Runescape Gift cardscomics199622082016-02-06 16:35:41
by agm2
A "Do you really want to leave merits team?" pop up..yoshiboy1132572016-01-22 19:17:43
by yoshiboy11
Add Tango Card (emailed) to the Reward GalleryN8tiveDude69162016-01-20 22:08:34
by miklast
Add NcSoft (NC-coin Card)RiddleTri...23642016-01-20 02:38:53
by shelbinator
Suggestion to add a night modedailey12343222016-01-15 15:30:50
by lapraceon
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